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How To Choose The Right Wheelchair For You

Posted on by PB Conversions

Mobility devices like a wheelchair are extremely important to people with disability or mobility issues. A good wheelchair offers optimal pressure relief and comfort. Continue reading →

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Top 5 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles 2018

Posted on by PB Conversions

Wheelchair accessible vehicles or WAVs are adapted vehicles designed to let passengers remain in their wheelchairs. When it comes to choosing the right WAV for you, make sure that you consider certain factors.

For starters, you need to consider the size. The WAV should be large enough to fit your current needs as well as possible future needs. It should be spacious enough for your luggage and equipment. It should also be large enough to fit other people, such as your nurse, caregiver, or family members.

You should also consider the WAV’s setup. If you tend to sit in front, beside the driver, you should get a WAV that will let you place your wheelchair there. Likewise, if you prefer to stay in the back, your WAV should be able to let you do that. You may also consider getting a WAV that offers both options.

Moreover, you should factor in the adaptations. Consider how you can drive your wheelchair to and from the WAV. Do you want a lift or a ramp? Lifts are ideal for large vans. They are usually digitally operated. Ramps, on the other hand, are usually manually operated.

If you are in search of the latest WAV models, you can check out the following:

Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

These WAVs have been renowned as some of the most sought-after minivans for the past decade. There are three different conversions you can choose from: VMI Honda Northstar, Braun Honda Power, and VMI Honda Summit. All models have a 55-inch-tall door. Both Honda Northstar and Honda Summit have a 30.75-inch door opening width and a 91.5-inch overall floor length. However, their measurements vary in terms of ramp width and length.

Honda odyssey

Honda Pilot Wheelchair SUVs

This vehicle can take you wherever you want to go. It offers space, style, and accessibility. It is spacious enough for your entire family. It is also very easy to manoeuvre. In addition, it has practical features such as storage compartments, an in-floor ramp that can be quickly stowed out of the way, and a removal front passenger seat for better seating flexibility.

Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

You can choose from six different conversions of this model: Braun Power XT, Braun Power In-floor, Braun Manual XT, VMI Summit Access360, VMI Northstar E360, and VMI Northstar Access360. They have practical features such as a keyless remote, additional headroom, removable seating, and an in-floor or folding ramp.

Toyota Sienna

Chrysler Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

A pioneer in American minivans, Chrysler (Town & Country) truly know what their clients need. You can choose from eight different conversions: CompanionVan, Power, CompanionVan Plus XT, CompanionVan Plus, VMI Northstar, VMI Summit, Power In-floor, and Power XT. Some of the features include ramp side rails, additional headroom, removable seating, keyless remote, and lowered centre floor.

Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

A pioneer in wheelchair vans and handicapped minivans, Dodge (Grand Caravan) modifies minivans in order to suit the needs of their clients. There are nine different conversions to choose from: CompanionVan Plus XT, CompanionVan Plus, CompanionVan, Braun Power XT, Braun Power, Braun Power In-floor, VMI Summit, VMI Northstar, and VMI Northstar E. They have power foldout or in-floor ramp, keyless remote, additional headroom, removable seating, and power door and kneel, among other features.

Before you select a model, make sure that you consider its pros and cons. Determine if it really suits your needs, style, and budget. Check out unbiased reviews to find out more about these vehicles.

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The most suitable vehicle adaptation’s for the job

Posted on by PB Conversions

We all know that people with different disabilities vary greatly in terms of their needs. This is due to the fact that the kind of disability that someone can have can be completely different to the next person. This is why choosing the most suitable vehicle adaptation becomes a daunting task. However, by taking a number of factors into consideration, this task can be made a little easier. The kind of vehicle adaptation for a person should be unique to themselves.

Here at PB Conversions, we are the experts in vehicle adaptations so we want to take you through the basic factors that every person must take into consideration when making the choice of an adaptation vehicle.

1. The size of your vehicle

Though many may argue that the size of the vehicle is not a top factor, it actually is. You must know whether you’ll need a van or car that is either small or large. Due to the fact that you may need to use the vehicle for a number of years, the size must be right so it is able to serve you well for the duration. Needs and disability may also change as time goes by. Take this into consideration when deciding on a suitable size of your vehicle.

2. Will you be driving the vehicle or a passenger

The adaptation features of a vehicle will highly depend on whether you will be the driver or you will just be a passenger in the vehicle. A vehicle that is adapted to be driven by a disabled person has features that are specifically made to suit their driving needs. Such things as the accelerator and hand controls, among others, will be customised to meet the needs of the disabled driver. On the other hand, if you will be a passenger then these features will not be necessary.

3. The nature of your disability

The natures of disabilities vary from one person to the next and so are the needs of vehicle adaptations. On one hand, a person may have less mobility with the upper half of their body. On the other, they may have troubles with their legs. These two groups of people will require vehicle adaptations that focus on either the upper part of the body or the lower part of the body, depending on their disability. It’s therefore of extreme importance to take this into account when you are choosing the right vehicle adaptation for you or another person.

4. How do you plan to enter or exit the vehicle

Depending on the nature of an individual’s disability, there will be a need to design an entry and exit based on their unique needs. Some will require a large entry point or exit while another one may need just the normal size of the exit or entry. For instance, if you’ll use a wheelchair, you may need a larger space for entry and exit as compared to those who don’t use it. We can supply wheelchair hoists or adaptions so you can drive in your wheelchair so you do not have to get out.

5. How many people will be using the vehicle

Most of the time, the adaptation vehicle will be used by more than a single person at any given time. It’s therefore vital to leave enough room enough for those who may need to use the vehicle, apart from the person for whom it’s primarily meant.


There are other factors that, as a driver, you may need to take into consideration alongside the above five major ones. These may include whether you have enough space at home, the cost of the vehicle, whether it should be new or a used car, and whether it’ll be used for long or short distance drives. Here at PB Conversions, we have the knowledge and skills to help you make an informed choice as to which adaptations are best suited to your needs.

Please contact us today and set up a meeting so we can visit you and give you a quote.

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Vehicle Adaptations Available for Those With Limited Mobility

Posted on by PB Conversions

If you have limited mobility, one of the things continuing driving can give you is your independence. However, most individuals with some difficulty of movement will need to make some form of adaptation to their vehicle to aid them in the driving experience.

There are a number of ways you can adapt your car or other vehicles to suit your mobility needs, and below we’ve listed some of the main examples. You can read more about each type here.

Hand Controls – There are a number of adapted hand controls you can get for your vehicle, and we manufacture bespoke hand controls in our workshop in Bedfordshire, all which come with a 3-year warranty and servicing. These are push/pull devices that help you to control speed, as well as to brake or accelerate. These hand controls are fitted to automatic vehicles for ease of use.

Space Drive Car Adaptations – These types of vehicle adaptations allow individuals with very limited movement or strength, as well as other similar disabilities, to drive the car. All driving aids are controlled by microprocessors which are more sensitive than usual controls to make braking, accelerating, and steering easier. Space Drive Car Adaptations are fantastic for offering more flexibility and freedom while driving for those who are especially vulnerable.

wheelchair hoist

Wheelchair Hoists – As well as adapting your vehicle for your own use, you may wish to adapt a vehicle so that you can easily fit your wheelchair or scooter inside. Wheelchair hoists make this adaptation possible and simple to execute. They come 2, 4 or 6 way powered and which one you’ll need will depend on the size and weight of scooter or wheelchair. Three excellent brands we recommend and fit for our customers around Bedfordshire include Autoadapt, Autochair, Brig-ayd. These adaptations are often not covered by Motability Schemes but are an extremely useful option.

radio controls

Radio Remotes & Roof Stowage Systems – With remotes that fit onto the steering wheel that connect to your radio, this makes radio control safer, easier and more efficient for those with limited mobility. There are also a variety of roof storage systems you can add to your vehicle including the Roof Spider and Chair Topper. The Chair Topper drops a folding wheelchair to either one side of the vehicle or the other, ready for the passenger or driver to use, whereas the Roof Spider adaptation can drop the chair to either side.

Left Foot Accelerator – Finally, foot adaptations are perfect for those with limited mobility in one or the other leg. This adaptation provides two accelerator pedals, either side of the brake pedal. It works by having a is a twin flip pedal, meaning that you pull down whichever accelerator you wish to use as needed and otherwise the car can still be driven as normal. This gives both flexibility and added assistance while driving.

To find out more about the above adaptations that you can get for your vehicle, visit our main services page here.

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Technician Vacancy

Posted on by PB Conversions



For adapting motor vehicles for a small company.


Engineering experience required as well as knowledge of electrical

work, welding and fabrication. Training will be given in all aspects

of our work. A full clean driving licence is preferable.


Please send your full CV and salary expectations to

Paul/Andrea Berridge, PB Conversions Ltd, Unit 1&2 Clipstone Brook Ind Est,

Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 4GP.


For more details call 01525 850588 or email FAO: Andrea

To see what we do check out our website

or our facebook page


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5 interesting health benefits of adjustable beds

Posted on by PB Conversions

Adjustable beds have lately become popular among many, thanks to the room it allows for customisation. You may want to do something when you’re in the bed but the traditional beds don’t allow you to. Adjustable beds will allow a wide range of activities to be done while lying on it, not only this but they have multiple health benefits. Today this kind of bed is not only found in hospitals but at home too among people who are disabled. There are so many positions that the bed can allow you to assume depending on your need. You can incline or recline your legs and head at will. The following are the 5 interesting health benefits of the adjustable beds that you may not have known. Continue reading →

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Cycle adaptions make cycling great for everyone

Posted on by PB Conversions

All throughout time, it’s been stated again and again that physical exercises are good for a person’s health. Cycling is one of the top exercises that can be done by almost everyone. Whether you are young or old, this form of exercise is highly beneficial to your overall health and well-being. This isn’t limited, everyone can take part in cycling including people with disabilities, they are able to benefit from cycling due to adaptions included on their bikes. We may not specifically provide cycle adaptations but we know how they can help and know some great companies who can help. Cycling is proven to keep people healthier, which in turn improves life expectancy so it is definitely something you should consider. So, how does cycling help us keep fit? The following are the major ways cycling can help you keep healthy. Continue reading →

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The history of the wheelchair

Posted on by PB Conversions

Here at PB Conversions, we like to know our way around everything we deal with on a daily basis, we decided to have a look into the history of the wheelchair.

The wheelchair has transformed our society very much in terms of mobility for those with a disability. Just like the vehicle adaptions we work on at PB Conversions, if you have a patient who can’t move partially or completely, we can use them to make their movement easy. So, who invented the first wheelchair and when was it invented?  Continue reading →

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Christmas Shutdown

Posted on by PB Conversions

We will be closed for our Christmas shut down from 20th December until 3rd January.

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An Introduction to Vehicle Adaptations & What is Available

Posted on by PB Conversions

Vehicle adaptation refers to a device that is fitted to your vehicle to provide a solution for your mobility problems while travelling. There are a lot of people with various special needs when it comes to the use of vehicles. Vehicle adaptations are meant to raise the quality of the ride in the car for drivers and passengers alike. Because our needs are quite varied, the vehicle companies have come up with quite a number of such adaptations to accommodate every individual. Each will depend on every individual’s special needs. The following are the most common vehicle adaptation options available. Continue reading →

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