Left Foot Accelerator


A left-foot accelerator is a modification to a vehicle’s driving controls that allows the accelerator pedal to be operated by the left foot instead of the traditional right foot. This modification is primarily designed for individuals with mobility impairments in their right foot or leg, allowing them to drive safely and independently.

The importance of a left-foot accelerator lies in its ability to provide accessibility and convenience to drivers with disabilities, enabling them to control the vehicle’s speed without relying on adaptations that may be less comfortable or efficient. By allowing individuals to use their left foot to accelerate, this modification promotes greater freedom of movement and enhances the overall driving experience, empowering people with disabilities to maintain their mobility and independence on the road.

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Why choose left-foot accelerators from PB conversions?


Our left-foot accelerators (LFAs) are backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty and are compatible with automatic vehicles featuring accelerator pedals that hang down. In cases where the vehicle is equipped with an organ-style pedal configuration (where the accelerator hinges from the floor upwards), we install a left-foot accelerator pedal and apply a quick-release pedal guard over the right pedal. This configuration remains suitable for automatic vehicles.

Additionally, we offer the option of fitting false floors with attached pedals, specifically designed for individuals who struggle to reach the pedals comfortably. Furthermore, we can extend the pedals as needed to accommodate varying physical requirements and preferences, ensuring optimal driving comfort and accessibility for all users.

Different types of left-foot accelerators


Twin Flip Folding Left Foot Accelerator:

This system provides two accelerator pedals positioned on either side of the brake pedal. Users can pull down the desired pedal, and the other automatically flips up, ensuring seamless adaptation for individuals who require a left-foot accelerator. This is suitable for automatic vehicles.

Organ Style Pedal Conversion:

Specifically designed for vehicles with organ-style pedals, where the accelerator is hinged from the floor upwards. In this adaptation, a left-foot accelerator pedal is installed, accompanied by a quick-release pedal guard over the right pedal. This can be used exclusively for automatic vehicles with organ-style pedals.

False Floors with Pedals:

For individuals who find it challenging to reach standard pedals, false floors with attached pedals can be installed. This modification aims to enhance accessibility and comfort by adjusting the pedal height to suit the driver’s needs. This is useful for individuals who struggle to reach the standard pedals.

Pedal Extension:

Pedal extensions are installed to accommodate individuals with limited reach. This adaptation involves extending the existing pedals, ensuring that the driver can comfortably operate them without straining. This is ideal for those who require an extension to reach standard pedals.

Compatibility with Other Manufacturers of LFA’s

Our services extend beyond in-house left foot accelerators. If there’s a specific left foot accelerator from another manufacturer that you prefer, we can facilitate its installation upon request.


Is training required to use a left foot accelerator?

If you have not used driving adaptations before we recommend going for a driving assessment with an accredited assessment centre to try the different options for what works best for you. We recommend contacting Herts Ability for this https://hertsability.org.uk/

Can left-foot accelerators be funded or covered by insurance?

Many insurance policies and organisations offer funding or coverage for driving controls.

Do I need to get my adaptations serviced?

We recommend servicing adaptations annually to keep them in good working order. We will contact you when this is due. These are carried out at PB Conversions and are free of charge for as long as you have the vehicle.

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