Vehicle Mobility Adaptations For People With Disabilities in Aylesbury

With a dedicated team committed to prioritising individual requirements, PB Conversions is not just providing mobility solutions; they are empowering individuals to reclaim their freedom on the road. By making driving accessible and secure, PB Conversions is enabling residents in Aylesbury to overcome barriers and live life on their own terms. Through their innovative approach and unwavering commitment, PB Conversions is transforming the way people with disabilities experience mobility, opening up new possibilities and opportunities for independence.

Empowering Independence Through Vehicle Mobility Adaptations

Vehicle mobility is crucial for individuals with disabilities, as it directly impacts their independence and quality of life. The ability to drive provides a sense of freedom and empowerment, allowing people to maintain their autonomy and participate fully in daily activities. However, traditional vehicles often pose significant challenges for those with mobility impairments, limiting their access to transportation and hindering their ability to engage with the world around them.

Recognizing this pressing need, PB Conversions has extended its services to Aylesbury, offering tailored vehicle mobility adaptations to address these challenges head-on. By designing, producing, and implementing solutions that cater to both upper and lower body impairments, PB Conversions is revolutionising the driving experience for individuals with disabilities. Their focus on safety, comfort, and convenience ensures that every adaptation is carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Our Services in Aylesbury

Drive from the Wheelchair


Drive-from wheelchair adaptations empower individuals to drive or travel as passengers in their wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAV) directly from their wheelchairs, enhancing independence for wheelchair users. This adaptation allows for increased autonomy and flexibility in transportation. Various solutions are available to cater to the diverse needs of individuals seeking to operate vehicles comfortably and safely while remaining in their wheelchairs.



Various seating choices and adjustments are available to enhance comfort and provide support for individuals with disabilities in Aylesbury. From swivel seats to the advanced Carony system, we offer a variety of options to ensure safe and comfortable travel. These seats, whether electric or manual, can be controlled remotely for convenient and secure transportation. Additionally, we can adjust seat height or extend seat runners to accommodate individual requirements effectively.

Steering Aids & Power Steering & Brakes


PB Conversions provides steering aids such as extensions or grips to enhance steering comfort for individuals with limited upper body strength or mobility. Additionally, we can adjust your car’s steering or brakes to reduce effort. Our range of grip options, including ball and lollipop grips, is versatile and compatible with all vehicle types.



Boot hoists provide effortless accessibility and convenience in vehicle conversions. PB Conversions offers a variety of customised boot hoist solutions to suit your individual needs, vehicle model, and the items you need to transport. Let us help you choose the ideal boot hoist that aligns with your specific requirements.

Remote Control Devices


Remote control devices can be affixed to the steering wheel or other desired locations, offering control over secondary functions like indicators, lights, horns, and wipers. Ideal for one-handed operation, these devices utilise a transmitter to send signals to the vehicle via a control box, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Left Foot Accelerator


PB Conversions’ left foot accelerator is tailored for individuals requiring left foot acceleration due to right foot challenges. The accelerator features pedals on both sides of the brake pedal, allowing easy operation: pull down the desired pedal, and the other smoothly retracts. Even with an organ-style accelerator pedal, our left-foot accelerator can be installed along with a quick-release pedal guard for the right pedal.

Fitting Car Adaptions


PB Conversions upholds a meticulous and secure process for fitting car adaptations, ensuring proficiency in installations and alterations. With a team of seasoned professionals excelling in adaptation fitting, PB Conversions leverages 30 years of industry experience to deliver tailored solutions. Recognising the pivotal role of these adaptations in daily life, we prioritise safety and convenience in every installation, striving for your utmost satisfaction. 

Our commitment extends to driving innovation in vehicle adaptations for individuals with disabilities, aiming to shape a future of enhanced mobility. For those in or near Aylesbury seeking to reclaim driving independence, we stand ready to assist. Contact us at 01525 850588 or visit PB Conversions for a free quote of products suited to your needs.

We cater to all needs


People with disabilities often face challenges and frustrations related to vehicle mobility, and at PB Conversions, we aim to provide practical and effective solutions to address these issues. Opting for PB Conversions means choosing enhanced independence and convenience. Our lineup of vehicle mobility adaptations is crafted to simplify your life. Picture reclaiming the freedom to drive securely and confidently, whether you require hand controls, left-foot accelerators, wheelchair hoists, or customised seating adjustments. 

A Commitment to Your Safety and Satisfaction


PB Conversions prioritises safety above all else, offering professional services tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. With a focus on safety tips and expert guidance, they ensure that every adaptation enhances both comfort and security. Their dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch professional services, guaranteeing a safe and reliable driving experience for Aylesbury residents. By prioritising safety and offering specialised solutions, PB Conversions empowers individuals with disabilities to navigate the road with confidence and independence.

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