Boot Hoists 

Wheelchair hoists are a game-changer for individuals seeking effortless accessibility and convenience in their vehicle conversions. The type of hoist you have will depend on your vehicle and the item you are lifting into the vehicle and your needs. There are lots to choose from and we can recommend what is best for you. 

Boot Hoists For Cars

Wheelchair hoists are specialised devices designed to lift a wheelchair or scooter into the boot of your car with ease. Here’s what you need to know:

Choosing A Boot Hoist

We guide you in selecting the right hoist tailored to your car and specific needs based on what you tell us. Various vehicles will have designated specific hoist kits however we may be able to customise universal hoists to fit into vehicles when a specific kit is not available. 

We offer a variety of hoist options to suit your unique needs and preferences. 

– 2-way Hoist

A 2-way powered boot hoist will power the item you are planning on lifting into the boot up and down using buttons on a handset. You would need to manoeuvre the item in and out of the boot. This is ideal for a smaller/more compact vehicle. 

– 4-way Hoist

A 4-way powered boot hoist will power the item up, down, in and out of the boot using buttons on a handset. These hoists can fit into various vehicles with different weight capacities to allow you to pick up heavier scooter/wheelchairs.

– Folding Hoist

Ideal for smaller vehicles with limited space, the folding boot hoists can be 2-way or 4-way powered. The arm of the hoist would need to be folded up and down when using.  

Fitting Your Boot Hoist

As our service is fully in house our experts will guide you through the process of choosing the best aid for you, installing it, and demonstrating it to you on how to use it correctly. 

Autochair 80kg person hoist     

Why Should I Buy A Hoist?

Boot hoists are a practical and efficient solution as it allows anyone to load a wheelchair or scooter into the vehicle safely. We can also fit a person hoist, which is a sling that will gently lift the person out of their wheelchair and lower them into either the drivers or passengers seat depending on the vehicle. 

Why You Should Contact Us Today!

With years of experience, we offer unmatched knowledge in mobility adaptations. We are able to tailor your hoist to fit seamlessly into your car and to fit your style. Many of the hoists we fit now are also transferable; this means you don’t have to make repeat purchases if you change vehicles. We can just swap it over!

Ready to enhance your mobility with our wheelchair hoists? Contact PB Conversions today for a quote and expert advice.


  • Are different types of boot hoists available?

Yes, we offer various types of boot hoists to suit different vehicles and needs. 

Let us know the item you are planning on putting into the boot with the hoist and we can recommend the best one for you. 

  • Can a hoist be transferred from one vehicle to another? 

Depending on the hoist and the vehicle we can check if the hoist is eligible to be transferred over to a new vehicle. 

  • Do I need to get my adaptations serviced?

We recommend servicing adaptations annually to keep them in good working order. We will contact you when this is due. These are carried out at PB Conversions and are free of charge for as long as you have the vehicle. 

  • How can I get advice from a PB Conversions specialist?

Contact us today for expert advice and personalised solutions to your mobility needs.

You can book a visit with us here at PB Conversions and we can show you the different boot hoists available and let you try them.

Would you like an assessment?

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