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Mobility car conversions that give you back control. Car adaptations help individuals with upper and lower body disabilities to drive safely, comfortably and to feel confident. With the right mobility adaptions that match your needs, you can get back on the road again. At PB Conversions in Bedfordshire, we develop, design, and install vehicle adaptations to help individuals with a wide range of disabilities.

With more than 30 years of experience, our team takes a holistic approach to manufacturing equipment and designing adaptations. We make sure we understand your requirements and goals, so you get the right equipment for your circumstances. Whether it’s wheelchair vehicles, hand controls, or steering aids, PB Conversions has the experience and expertise to adapt your car for your disability.

Everyone has different challenges to overcome and goals they want to achieve. To get back on the road someone with a lower or upper body disability may need a mobility adaptation fitted to their car. If you want to regain independence by being able to drive again, speak to our friendly and dedicated team today.

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Motability Bedfordshire – PB Conversions

The Motability Scheme is a government-funded programme that converts your mobility allowance to lease a new car, scooter, or powered wheelchair for people with disabilities

It’s an affordable and convenient way for disabled people to get help with their mobility. By joining the scheme, you will have increased freedom and independence plus the thrill of owning your own brand-new vehicle.


Wheelchair Vehicles In Bedfordshire

If you’re a wheelchair user, adapting your vehicle may be necessary to get behind the wheel of your car. There is a wide range of conversions available that allow someone to sit next to the driver or take control of the vehicle themselves. Over the years, our team has developed many designs that are simple to adapt based on your needs. All our wheelchair vehicles are completely bespoke so every aspect matches your requirements now and in the future.


Wheelchair Hoists Bedfordshire

PB Conversions Bedfordshire offers a variety of wheelchair hoists that assist you in lifting your wheelchair into the boot of your vehicle. All our hoists are designed for maximum safety and efficiency; they make the process simple for anyone. They’re also moveable between vehicles for added convenience. Once you purchase the hoist, its durability and adaptability mean you can rely on it for years to come.

Wheelchair hoist


Hand Controls For Cars In Bedfordshire

If you have a disability that means using a car’s pedals isn’t possible, hand controls can help you get back behind the wheel. At PB Conversions, all our hand control systems can be installed in vehicles with automatic transmission.

Instead of using the car’s original pedal, gas rings are a ring that fits in front of or behind the steering wheel that allows you to accelerate. This hand control system allows you to accelerate while keeping both hands on the steering wheel and can be used with or without a brake lever.

Trigger throttle controls are another innovative hand control system. They control the accelerator with a trigger mounted on the brake lever which can be operated using your finger with only a few grams of force ensuring a light and responsive feel when driving the vehicle. Once you start your vehicle, push the button and push hard on the brake lever, this activates the trigger throttle. When the vehicle is started simply push the button and push hard on the brake lever to activate the trigger throttle.

Finally, radial hand controls may be a great option for your vehicle. Radial hand controls use a downwards radial movement of the handgrip which allows the user to accelerate while pushing the handle forward causes the vehicle to brake. Discover which system is the perfect fit for your vehicle today, get in touch with our expert team.

Hand controls from PB Conversions

Mobility Car Adaptions Bedfordshire

Mobility car adaptations enable an individual with a disability that affects their strength or movement to drive safely. Utilising the latest technology and mobility equipment, PB Conversions Bedfordshire ensures you can get back on the road again with increased control, comfort, and safety. Our team builds a solution based on your challenges and goals that helps you regain the independence driving offers.


Steering Aids Bedfordshire

When a vehicle hasn’t been adapted with steering aids, it can be challenging to use if an individual has a disability. Working with PB Conversions allows you to tailor the car’s steering to your unique needs and disability, making driving both simpler and safer. Steering aids are available to fit on a wide range of vehicles and come in many different grips. Lollipop and ball grips are two popular options, but we can create bespoke grips tailored to your requirements. 

PB Demo Car Fiesta Hand Controls and Quick Release Steering Ball


Motability Scheme Milton Keynes

Motability is a scheme that allows disabled people the chance to lease a car as part of their Mobility allowance, which is funded by the government.

The Motability scheme provides vehicles and mobility aids to disabled people. It is affordable and easily accessible.

PB Conversions Mobility Conversions Bedfordshire

With the right mobility car adaptation, you can drive again whatever your disability. Whether you have a lower or upper body disability, PB Conversions can help you regain the independence driving provides. Get in touch with our team today to find the best car conversion for your circumstances and to see our range of mobility. 

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