PB Conversions Adaptation Video Guides


Welcome to PB Conversions video guides. Here you will find demonstration videos to show how the different adaptations we fit work. For more information on the adaptations we can fit, get in contact with us today.


Hand Control Guides

We fit a variety of different types of hand controls depending on your needs. Below you will see demo videos of some of the different types on offer.


Transfer Plate Guides

Below there are a number of videos showing the clear direction of use for a range of branded transfer plates. In the videos you will see how to easily find and use a transfer plate and much more.


Boot Hoist Guides

We fit many different types of boot hoists to help lift an item into the boot. Below are some demo video guides showing how these work.


Steering Ball & Grips Guides

We offer a variety of steering balls and grips for use. Below you will find guides for these to help with removal of the balls and grips as well as how to use them effectively.


Vehicle Step Guides

Our guide on vehicle steps shows how they work easily and effectively for use without further need of manual actions.

Our Video Guides