Hand Controls For Cars 

Hand controls are specialised driving aids that empower individuals with mobility challenges to operate a vehicle safely and comfortably. Whether you require adaptations due to physical disabilities or are simply looking for a more convenient driving experience, our hand controls are the solution you need.

Different Types Of Hand Controls

There are various types of hand controls available to suit your needs. We manufacture our own hand controls that are bespoke to each vehicle they are fitted to and can be designed to fit each customer’s individual needs. We can also fit other manufacturers’ controls depending on your preference. 

– Push/Pull Hand Controls

Push/pull hand controls can only be fitted to automatic vehicles and the pedals can still be used as standard if required. They consist of a lever on the right or left hand side of the steering wheel which is pulled towards you to accelerate and push away to brake. Our push pull hand controls are bespoke to each vehicle and can be designed to suit your individual needs. 

– Gas Rings

Gas rings are a ring that fits in front or behind the steering wheel which can be used to accelerate instead of the original pedal so you can keep both hands on the steering wheel while accelerating. You can use this with or without a brake lever. It can be installed in automatic vehicles.

– Electric Triggers

The trigger throttle controls the accelerator with a trigger mounted on the brake lever which can be operated using your finger with just a few grams of force giving a light and responsive feel when driving the vehicle. When the vehicle is started you push the button and push on the brake lever, this activates the trigger throttle. It can be installed in automatic vehicles.

– Handheld Accelerator 

There are different types of handheld accelerators available. The wireless “FLY” accelerator allows gradual and precise acceleration. It allows you to keep both hands on the steering wheel and has an adjustable strap which allows you to find the most suited hand position ensuring total comfort when driving. There are also thumb touch accelerators available which can be used with your left or right thumb and allows freedom to move your hand whilst driving. 

– Secondary Controls

Remote control devices can be fitted to the steering wheel with various grips to enable you to operate the secondary controls whilst steering such as indicators, lights, horn and front and rear washer/wipers. We can also fit mini keypads directly onto the push pull hand controls for easy access to these functions. We fit a variety of manufacturers’ products to ensure you get the right controls for you. 

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Ready to enhance your driving experience with our hand controls? Start your journey to making driving fun and easy with our hand controls today. Contact PB Conversions for expert assistance throughout and knowledge to answer all of your queries. For a whole range of other driving aids be sure to check out our products so we can bring you up to speed with what we do.

Fitting Hand Controls

As our service is fully in-house our experts will install your new hand control, ensuring your hand controls are seamlessly integrated into your vehicle. They can be customised to meet your expectations and for the best accessibility for you. We will then demonstrate the controls to you once fitted.


  • Are hand controls customisable?

Yes, we offer customisation to meet your specific needs and preferences. 

  • Is training required to use hand controls?

If you have not used driving adaptations before we recommend going for a driving assessment with an accredited assessment centre to try the different options for what works best for you. We recommend contacting Herts Ability for this https://hertsability.org.uk/.

  • Can hand controls be used in any vehicle?

Our hand controls are bespoke and can be installed into any automatic vehicle. 

  • Do hand controls affect the resale value of a vehicle?

The hand controls can be removed without affecting the vehicle’s resale value significantly.

  • Can hand controls be funded or covered by insurance?

Many insurance policies and organisations offer funding or coverage for hand controls.

  • Do I need to get my adaptations serviced?

We recommend servicing adaptations annually to keep them in good working order. We will contact you when this is due. These are carried out at PB Conversions and are free of charge for as long as you have the vehicle. 


Would you like an assessment?

If you are a disabled driver, or know a disabled driver in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Northamptonshire, please contact PB Conversions for a free no obligation quote to assess what products would benefit you.