Hand Controls

We manufacture our own push pull hand controls. It consists of a lever on the right hand side of the steering wheel which is pulled towards you to accelerate and pushed away to brake. They are a neat design which doesn’t affect the overall look of the vehicle and are bespoke to each vehicle they are fitted to. The underneath is padded to offer extra protection for your legs. If anyone else drives the car they just used the pedals as standard. These controls can be fitted to automatic vehicles. You can also have a steering ball to aid with your steering whilst using the hand controls and also an indicator toggle switch on top of the hand control to enable you to signal easier. Our own hand controls come with a three year warranty.

We also fit many other types of hand controls including, electronic radial hand controls, trigger throttles, rings that go over or under the steering wheel. Manufactured by Brigayd, Elap, Guido.

Would you like an assessment?

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