Remote Control Devices 

Remote control devices fit onto the steering wheel with various grips to enable you to operate the secondary controls while steering, such as indicators, lights, horns, front and back washers, and wipers.

How do remote control devices for my car work? 

Remote control devices designed to attach to the steering wheel come with various grips, facilitating the operation of secondary functions like indicators, lights, horns, windshield washers, and wipers while steering. These devices transmit radio signals to a control box connected to the car, providing an accessible solution for individuals who face challenges driving with both hands or can only use one hand. Mini keypads can also be installed directly onto push-pull hand controls for convenient access to these functions. We offer a range of products from manufacturers such as Guidosimplex, Lodgesons, and Bever, ensuring that you receive controls tailored to your specific needs.

Different types of remote controls for cars

Explore the range of remote control devices designed for diverse needs:


Lodgesons R200 System:

Enhances car accessibility for those with limited mobility using Lodgesons R200. Choose between a ball or lollipop grip.


R207-7 Functions Unit:

  • Operates: Indicators, Lights (dip/main & flash), Horn
  • Ideal for basic control, ensuring safe and one-handed car operation.


R210-10 Functions Unit:

  • Operates: Indicators, Lights (dip/main & flash), Horn, Front washer & wipers
  • Adds convenience with control over essential car functions for a smoother drive.


R213-13 Functions Unit:

  • Operates: Indicators, Lights (dip/main & flash), Horn, Front washer & wipers, Rear washer & wipers
  • Comprehensive control, providing a complete solution for all necessary car functions.


Lodgesons R200 System

Bever Smartsteer:

Facilitates easy and safe vehicle operation with Smartsteer, available in classic or premium grip.


Smartsteer 5-unit:

  • Operates: Horn, Indicators, Hazard Lights, Lights (dip/main & flash), Front washers & wipers
  • Simplifies control, making essential functions easily accessible for a secure driving experience.


Smartsteer 8-unit:

  • Operates: Horn, Indicators, Hazard Lights, Lights (dip/main & flash), Front washers & wipers, Rear washer & wipers
  • Comprehensive control over various functions, ensuring a seamless driving experience in any situation.


Bever Smartsteer

Additionally, mini keypads can be fitted onto push-pull hand controls, providing convenient access to these functions. Choose the device that best suits your needs for a customised and user-friendly driving experience.

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Can remote control devices be used in any vehicle?

We would need to check with the product manufacturers that the device is available for the make, model and year of your vehicle.

Where can the remote-control device be fitted?

The remote-control devices can be fitted anywhere on the steering wheel, on the hand controls or in other custom locations.

Do I need to get my adaptations serviced?

We recommend servicing adaptations annually to keep them in good working order. We will contact you when this is due. These are carried out at PB Conversions and are free of charge for as long as you have the vehicle.

Are these extra adaptations covered by insurance?

Some insurance companies do cover all adaptations in your car, however some might require you to get them insured separately.


Would you like an assessment?

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