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Vehicle adaptations to ease your mobility in Buckinghamshire. At PB conversions, we tailor your vehicle so you can drive comfortably and safely regardless of your disability. We put people first to respond to your mobility issues and create an easy driving experience that accommodates upper and lower body disabilities. With thirty years of experience creating disabled motor solutions, PB Conversions are committed to restoring your sense of freedom in your vehicle.

There are 41,000 people living with disabilities in Buckinghamshire, which is why we are so passionate about producing high quality car conversions to ensure you have access to safe, secure transportation. The services that PB Conversions offer – including wheelchair hoists, wheelchair accessible vehicles and hand controls – are so vital to giving people living with disabilities a better quality of life and getting them back on the road.

Milford Car Hoist For Person

Wheelchair Hoists Buckinghamshire

 A wheelchair hoist is an adaptation designed to lift your wheelchair or scooter safely and easily into your vehicle. The type of hoist will vary to fit the needs of the user and the vehicle itself. Lifting your wheelchair into the vehicle is virtually impossible, so our secure and accessible hoists offer you a helpful aid in getting in and out of your vehicle.

Boot wheelchair hoist from PB Conversions

Wheelchair Vehicles In Buckinghamshire 

Wheelchair vehicles are imperative to independent travel for wheelchair users. They can be tailored to your specific requirements to ensure that your disability does not stop you from driving or take away your independence.

Mehmeti Rifter 2021

Hand Controls For Cars In Buckinghamshire

Lower body disabilities can be catered for with the addition of hand controls. Located on the right side of the steering wheel, these controls let you use your hands to accelerate and brake with ease. The design is comfortable with padding to protect your legs and does not affect the ability of another user to access the foot controls. PB Conversions also fit electronic radial hand controls, trigger throttles and rings that go over or under the steering wheel.

Hand controls from PB Conversions

Mobility Car Adaptions Buckinghamshire

PB Conversions understand that mobility and strength issues can hamper your ability to drive a car without suitable adjustments. This is why we design the technology that allows people with disabilities to drive in comfort, safety, and with increased control. 


Steering Aids Buckinghamshire

The way you steer your car may be affected by your disability or the required adjustments to the vehicle, so PB Conversions tailors the steering aids to your specific needs and disability, making driving easy and safe.


PB Conversions – Mobility Buckinghamshire

If you live in Buckinghamshire and want to enquire about our range of vehicle adjustments for your disability, then PB Conversions can help you get on the road safely and smoothly. We can help you regain your independence with our mobility conversions, whether you have an upper or lower body disability.    


Call us on  01525 304554 to speak to one of our mobility experts or visit our contact page to submit an enquiry. 

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