Wheelchair Hoists

We fit many different types of hoist to lift wheelchairs or scooters into the boot of your vehicle. They come in 2, 4 or 6 way powered. The type of hoist you have will depend on your vehicle and what you are lifting into the vehicle and your needs. There are lots to choose from and we can recommend what is best for you. When the hoist is fitted correctly it will lift your wheelchair/scooter in one piece into your vehicle with very little fuss or effort from you. Many of the hoists are now transferrable so when you change your vehicle the hoist can be put into your new vehicle. We fit a docking device onto your wheelchair/scooter so it lifts easily and safely into your vehicle. We fit Autochair, Brigayd and Elap.

Person hoist – we also fit a person hoist which is a sling that can load the person into the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle it can be fitted to either the back or front of vehicle.

Would you like an assessment?

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