Vehicle Mobility Adaptations For People With Disabilities in Milton Keynes


Drive from wheelchair adaptation

At PB Conversions we cover various areas including Milton Keynes. We design, manufacture, and install vehicle mobility adaptations to enhance your mobility and independence, addressing both upper and lower body disabilities. We aim to ensure you are comfortable and safe to drive on the road. Our dedicated team prioritises your specific needs throughout the process, ensuring that driving becomes safe, convenient, and accessible. If you reside in Milton Keynes, our mission is to help you regain your vehicle independence.

What Vehicle Adaptations Do We Offer?

Hand Controls


Hand controls from PB Conversions

PB Conversions’ hand controls for vehicles are carefully designed for the comfort and ease of operation by individuals with limited or challenging use of their lower limbs. Hand control aids offer a solution that allows people to take control of their vehicle’s accelerating and braking using their hands. Whether you’re seeking adaptations due to physical disabilities or simply aiming for a more convenient and comfortable driving experience, our hand controls provide the answer you’ve been searching for. Our hand controls are bespoke to each vehicle they are fitted to and can be designed to fit each customer’s individual needs. We can also fit other manufacturers’ controls depending on your preference.

Left Foot Accelerator


Left Foot Accelerator from PB Conversions

Our left foot accelerator is designed for individuals who need to use their left foot for acceleration due to difficulties with their right foot. Featuring PB Conversions left foot accelerator with pedals either side of the brake pedal, it’s simple to use: pull down the pedal you need, and the other seamlessly moves out of the way. If you have an organ style accelerator pedal we can still fit a left foot accelerator and a quick release pedal guard over the right pedal. 

Remote Control Devices


Remote Control Devices from PB Conversion

Remote control devices can attach to the steering wheel or other locations to suit your preference. These provide control over secondary functions such as indicators, lights, horns, front and back washers and wipers. They’re perfect for one-handed operation, with a transmitter sending signals to your vehicle through a control box.



Boot wheelchair hoist elap carolift

Boot hoists offer seamless accessibility and convenience in vehicle conversions. At PB Conversions, we can fit a range of boot hoist options tailored to your specific needs, vehicle type, and what you need to lift into your vehicle. Let us assist you in selecting the perfect boot hoist for your requirements. 

Steering Aids & Power Steering & Brakes

PB conversions offer steering aids, like extensions or grips, to make steering more comfortable for those with limited upper body strength or mobility. We can also lighten your car’s steering or brakes for reduced effort. Different grip options, including ball and lollipop grips, cater to your needs and work with any vehicle. 



Seats from PB Conversion

Different seat options and seat adjustments provide enhanced comfort and support for individuals with disabilities in Milton Keynes. From swivel seats to the innovative Carony system, we offer a range of options to make your travel comfortable and safe. These seats can be electric or manual, operated with a remote control ensuring safe and convenient travel. We can also raise seats or extend the seat runners to suit your individual needs.  

Space Drive System


Space Drive System from PB Conversion

Space Drive vehicle adaptations empower individuals with limited strength, mobility, or similar disabilities to operate a vehicle effortlessly. Microprocessor-controlled driving aids enable control of the brake, accelerator, steering wheel, and other car functions. These adaptations offer unparalleled freedom to allow you to embark on the journeys you’ve always desired. This system manufactured by Paravan can be tailored to your needs.

Drive from the Wheelchair


Drive from the Wheelchair from PB Conversion

drive-from wheelchair adaptations enable individuals to operate the vehicle from their wheelchair in their wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) or to travel as a passenger in the wheelchair. This gives great independence for wheelchair users. There are many different solutions that we can offer.

Roof Stowage Systems


Roof Stowage Systems from PB Conversion

roof stowage systems securely store wheelchairs on the vehicle’s roof. The chair topper offers an alternative to traditional boot hoists, saving valuable seating and storage space inside your vehicle.


The Paravan PR30 powered custom wheelchairs help to meet the diverse needs of individuals with physical challenges. We offer both modular and standard wheelchair systems with features like tilt and lift functions, a contoured seat system with nine backrest configurations, an adjustable headrest, multi-adjustable armrests, and easy-care fabric seat covers. Additionally, we provide four distinct wheelchair types, each designed to cater to specific needs.

Fitting Car Adaptions 

At PB conversions, we follow a safe and efficient car adaptation fitting process, ensuring expertise in installations and modifications. Our team of experts excels in the fitting and transformation of vehicle adaptations. With 30 years of industry experience, PB conversions handle the process with precision and care, customising solutions to meet your unique needs. We understand the vital role these adaptations play in your daily life, going the extra mile to ensure that each installation not only functions effectively but also prioritises your safety and convenience. Your well-being is our top concern, and we take pride in providing vehicle adaptations that deliver happiness and satisfaction. 

We aim to be at the forefront of innovation and to shape the future of vehicle adaptations for individuals with disabilities. If you reside in or around Milton Keynes and aspire to regain your freedom for safe driving, we are here to support you. Contact us at 01525 850588, or click here for PB conversions free no-obligation quote to determine the products that can benefit you!

Who Are PB Conversions?

Our dedicated team at PB Conversions is committed to assisting individuals with physical difficulties in achieving safe and independent mobility through our vehicle mobility adaptations. With over 30 years of experience in the mobility industry and car adaptations, our founder, Paul Berridge, established this small yet impactful company in January 2001. Our primary focus is on providing high-quality workmanship and delivering a personal and professional service to those in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. At PB Conversions, we understand these adaptations’ profound impact on your daily life. Our mission is to offer solutions that not only function effectively but also prioritise your safety, convenience, and independence. 

If you’re looking to regain your independence and safe driving on the road, our location in Leighton Buzzard, which is just a short drive from Milton Keynes, is here to serve you. We are happy to deliver customised vehicle mobility adaptation services to meet your specific needs.

What Do We Do At PB Conversions?

At PB Conversions, our core focus is providing a comprehensive range of services dedicated to fitting disability aids for vehicles to empower you or your loved ones, enabling safe and independent driving. We are committed to enhancing accessibility and mobility for individuals with physical difficulties, offering customised solutions to match their unique needs.

Our services cover a wide spectrum of customised vehicle adaptation options, ensuring that each individual receives the precise modifications required for their vehicle. Whether it involves installing hand controls, left foot accelerators, wheelchair hoists, or making custom seating or pedal adjustments, our team of experts excels in delivering solutions that prioritise safety, convenience, and independence.

With our three decades of industry experience, PB Conversions is dedicated to shaping the future of vehicle adaptations, always striving to innovate and provide solutions that support individuals to drive safely and lead independent lives. We service the adaptations annually at our premise to ensure they keep in good working order, this is a free of charge service we provide. 

How Can PB Conversions Help You?

We understand the challenges and frustrations that people with disabilities often experience in terms of vehicle mobility. We’re here to offer practical and effective solutions to address these pain points. Choosing PB Conversions means choosing improved independence and convenience. Our range of vehicle mobility adaptations is designed to make your life easier. Imagine regaining the freedom to drive safely and confidently, whether you need hand controls, left-foot accelerators, wheelchair hoists, or custom seating adjustments. With our help, you can lead a more independent and convenient life, with the assurance of safety and comfort on the road. We have demonstration vehicles fitted with various adaptations if you would like to book in for a visit with us to look at the different options for you and we will recommend what may be best to help you. 

Explore the options of mobility vehicle adaptation products and services with PB conversions. Contact us, and let’s start a journey to make your daily life more accessible and enjoyable. Your mobility is our priority.


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