Wheelchair Vehicles Buckinghamshire

PB Conversions specialise in providing the best mobility solutions for those with restricted movement in Buckinghamshire. If you are restricted to a wheel chair, we offer a conversion service which allows us to convert your own car into a wheelchair accessible vehicle. This means that you can quickly and easily access your vehicle without having to disembark from your wheelchair, and you are able to drive your car whilst remaining in your wheelchair. Our wheelchair vehicles can use a range of features to enable your driving experience, including hand controls, steering aids and more. They are each carefully adapted to suit your individual situation, taking into consideration your weight, wheelchair size and the size and shape of your vehicle.

We also offer wheelchair hoists and wheelchair lifts, which can assist with lifting wheelchairs or scooters in to the back of the vehicle. We manufacture our own, and can also install wheelchair hoists sourced from award-winning brands such as Auto Adapt.

Buckinghamshire Hand Controls

If you have lower body restrictions, installing hand controls in your vehicle can be a great way to gain some independence, allowing you to drive without the need for foot pedals. At PB Conversions, we manufacture our own disabled driver hand controls using a stylish design which does not impeach on the overall vehicle interior, and they still allow for an able bodied driver to drive too, as there is no need to remove the original foot pedals. All of our controls come with a three year warranty and servicing as standard, so you know that you can trust in their reliability.

To find out more about our hand controls and wheelchair vehicles available in Buckinghamshire, please get in touch with PB Conversions today. Call 01525 850588 or contact us online.

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