What Are The Benefits Of An Electric Car For Someone With a Disability

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmental benefits, however they also provide many advantages for someone with a disability. Many of the features that make electric cars safer and more comfortable for everyone are particularly helpful for those with mobility restrictions. Here we look at some of the benefits of an electric car for someone with a disability.

Reduced Emissions

Electric cars produce virtually no emissions, which means less air pollution and improved air quality. This is particularly beneficial to those with respiratory issues or allergies who are adversely affected by lower air quality.

Increased Safety

Electric cars are generally safer due to their lower centre of gravity which helps to reduce the risk of rollovers. Also, electric cars are becoming increasingly popular due to their increased safety features such as lane keeping technology, automatic braking, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. This makes them a great option for someone with a disability who may need extra assistance when driving.


Electric cars are generally more comfortable to ride in than traditional petrol or diesel vehicles due to their smooth acceleration, lack of engine noise and vibration. This is especially important for those with certain mobility restrictions as it reduces the strain on their joints and muscles.

Less Maintenance

Due to the fewer moving parts that an electric car has, they tend to require much less maintenance than petrol or diesel cars. This is beneficial for those with a disability who struggle to carry out regular car maintenance tasks.

Electric Vehicle Allowances

Those with a disability may be eligible for an electric vehicle allowance if they choose to purchase an electric car. This can help make the process of purchasing an electric car more affordable, allowing those with a disability to benefit from all of the advantages that come with owning one.

Barriers To Driving An Electric Car

Whilst there are many benefits to driving an electric car for someone with a disability, there are also some potential barriers that need to be taken into consideration. These include:

  1. Charging Accessibility: Whilst the number of public charging points is increasing, it can still be difficult to find one which is suitable for those with a disability. A home charger can be the most convenient option for those with reduced mobility.
  2. Cost: Electric cars are generally more expensive to buy than petrol or diesel vehicles, but this can be offset by the lower running and maintenance costs.
  3. Limited Options: Currently there are fewer electric cars on the market than petrol and diesel vehicles, meaning there is less choice available when it comes to finding a car adaptations and features suitable for those with a disability.

Adapt Your Electric Car With PB Conversions

At PB Conversions, we specialise in converting and adapting electric cars to suit the needs of those with a disability. We can install a range of car adaptations such as hand controls, hoists and other equipment to make it easier for you to drive or get into your vehicle.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different and can work closely with you to design a bespoke solution that meets your requirements. We provide friendly, experienced advice and reliable service to get you on the road in an electric car safely and comfortably. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you enjoy the benefits of driving an electric car with a disability.


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