We believe that driving with adaptions can make a large difference to a person’s lifestyle and will enable them to drive where it wouldn’t have been possible without the adaptions. We trust that the best and safest way to lift your wheelchair or mobility scooter into the car boot is with a stowage system. Most options of the stowage systems work by a touch of a button, therefore, taking all pressure off of the person’s back lifting the wheelchair into the boot as they can weigh up to 250 pounds.

A wheelchair hoist is a device that helps you store your wheelchair or mobility scooter in the car boot. Your wheelchair or scooter will impact on what type of hoist you will need, and the space required in the boot, therefore before purchasing the wheelchair hoist you should take measurements of the hoist you are wishing to purchase and make sure that the car boot is big enough for the hoist and wheelchair to fit at the same time. Adding a wheelchair hoist can be an alternative to a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle). By getting a wheelchair hoist fitted into a car boot it can make a huge impact on independence and freedom, the wheelchair is raised by the hoist simply at a flick of a switch and is high enough then for the wheelchair to be pushed into the boot space of the vehicle, then lower the wheelchair to the floor of the boot and unclip the cord that’s attached.

4-way hoist

A 4-way hoist would be better for transporting a scooter or heavier/larger wheelchair into the boot. They help move the scooter or wheelchair into the boot by the touch of a button although the product will still need to be guided into the right direction and then secured by using the tie downs.  In many cases, people make the mistake of not taking measurements to ensure that the wheelchair will fit in the boot with the hoist in the result of this they have to fold down the rear seats or may even have to dismantle the scooter.

2-way hoist

The 2-way hoist is for lighter wheelchairs and cannot be used for putting a mobility scooter in the boot as it will bend the arm of the hoist and may cause long-lasting damage to the hoist. This hoist operates with an up and down action only, therefore you will need to push the wheelchair into the boot by hand, then secure the tie-downs. However, with the hoist and wheelchair in the boot, you may have to fold down the rear seats still but obviously, if the right measurements have been taken, they can stay upright.

  Due to the complexity of wheelchair hoists, it is vital that you speak with a professional adaptation installer before going ahead and purchasing a hoist.

Due to the complexity of wheelchair hoists, it is vital that you speak with a professional adaptation installer before going ahead and purchasing a hoist.

The wheelchair hoist would be a great solution for:

Someone who wants more freedom
Carers or relatives who don’t have the strength to lift the wheelchair
Wheelchairs or mobility scooters that weigh a lot.

Other benefits include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Very safe – an interlocking system so ensures it can only be operated when in the correct position.
  • Saves space in the boot
  • Easy use

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