Life as a wheelchair user can be frustrating. It may limit your ability to have your own freedom and visit destinations at your leisure. However, specialised cars for wheelchair users can give you back your independence without any hindrance or issues caused by reduced mobility.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

There are many more accessible cars for wheelchair users than you might think out there. Some are specifically designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility and make their journey more comfortable and practical.

Toyota Sienna

It’s one of the most spacious cars on the market, so it allows for a comfortable ride for either 1 or 2 wheelchair users. The Toyota Sienna wheelchair vehicles can also be converted with fold-out internal floor ramps for easier access to become accessible by side entry.

With it’s hybrid technology you can also benefit from less trips to fill up your car with fuel, making it a convenient option for wheelchair users.

Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge has a rear or side entry platform with fold out ramp and can also be adapted to include multiple hand controls and accelerator and brake options for a fully operational car specifically designed for wheelchair users. The internal features also include handrails for support in movement, making it comfortable and convenient.

Chevrolet Traverse

This car is built to incorporate up to 2 wheelchair users with its light up side ramp entry for night time visibility and shifting gear and control panels. The dual arm sliding door also helps to provide extra security in the car for people with reduced upper mobility.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey operates using a fold out, wide fit ramp to accommodate even the widest of wheelchairs. The adaptions in the car mean that you can have a full, fold out footrest for comfort and additional tall pedals and hand controls added to suit any individual.


Car Adaptations To Allow For Driving From A Wheelchair

PB Conversions, based in Bedfordshire, specialise in adapting wheelchair vehicles to make them more accessible for people with reduced mobility.

All of the cars used are with an automatic transmission to make the car more dependable and practical for wheelchair users.

The cars can be fitted with mobility ramps using mobile operated key fobs to allow access for wheelchairs. The fobs can alert the car ahead of time, so you can have the ramp lowered and ready for your arrival, making for a speedy getaway. Each car can incorporate hand controls to accelerate, brake and change gear using the hands from the steering wheel or surrounding area, meaning wheelchair users can drive naturally and without difficulty.

The position of pedals can also be amended so everything can be operated at a higher level, or from the steering wheel and the team are conscious of providing a solution for left and right-handed drivers, to make the car a dream to drive.

To discuss your needs for a wheelchair vehicle, get in touch with PB Conversions today. You’ll be able to talk through your requirements and get the perfect dream-drive car.

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