A wide variety of modifications and adaptations can be made to your car if you have a disability. These modifications can range from simple adjustments such as installing hand controls for those who can not use their feet, to more complex systems like wheelchair lifts and ramps. Hand controls are usually used by those with limited lower body mobility and involve the driver using their hands to control acceleration, braking, and steering. We discuss the types of car adaptations available in more detail below.

Adapting a vehicle for upper body disabilities

For those with upper body disabilities, there are a number of modifications that can be made to their vehicles in order to make them easier and safer to drive. For example, the installation of a steering aid can significantly improve a disabled driver’s ability to operate their vehicle. Additionally, radio remotes allow you to use your stalk functions from the steering wheel, meaning you no longer need to reach each function’s respective switch.

Adapting a vehicle for lower body disabilities

Having a lower body disability can often be an obstacle to enjoying the freedom that comes with driving, however, there are countless ways to adapt a vehicle for disabled drivers. From push /pull hand controls that are designed to be used in place of a foot pedal, to left foot accelerators that can be installed seamlessly, having a disability does not need to stop you from getting behind the wheel.

Adapting your vehicle for easier access

In addition to the modifications and adaptations that can be made to a vehicle for disabled drivers, there are also accessories available to make it easier to access vehicles. From turnout seats to the Carony system, there is a wide range of products to help you get in and out of your car with ease. As your seats can be adapted to slide and swivel, getting in and out of your car is made much easier.

Transferring from a wheelchair to your car

Mobility aids such as wheelchair hoists can help those with limited mobility to enter and exit their vehicle without having to strain themselves or risk injury. Drive from the wheelchair vehicles are also available, providing drivers with the comfort and convenience of being able to drive right from their wheelchairs. This eliminates the need to transfer into a seat every time you want to drive.

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