The Types Of Car Hand Controls We Offer At PB Conversions

PB Conversions is a Leighton Buzzard based company specialising in quality car adaptations for mobility vehicles. We give people the freedom to get back out on the open road. All of the products we offer are mobility accredited against the latest codes of practice to ensure they’re safe and efficient to use. 


What Are Hand Controls?

Hand controls in a car are adjustments made to a vehicle that is specific to a person’s disability. Their sole purpose is to allow the driver to be able to drive comfortably and safely. Hand controls often consist of levers or buttons that allow you to control aspects of the car from arm height. This means that people with mobility issues or reduced movement in their legs are still able to operate a car effectively. 


Car adaptation screens

The Types Of Hand Controls We Offer

PB Conversions specialise specifically in 3 distinct types of hand controls for car adaptation. 


Gas Rings


These rings fit comfortably behind or in front of the steering wheel, depending on the make and model of the car. They offer the option to control the speed of the vehicle by simply turning the ring behind the steering wheel to accelerate or brake, just like an accelerator or brake pedal. 


This helps people who are unable to control foot pedals to increase or decrease their vehicle’s speed. Gas rings allow users to keep both hands on the wheel for maximum steering ability and control.


These rings can be installed in cars with or without a brake lever, which helps if people have no access to pedals. They also aid people who can reach one pedal, but not both. As with most hand control devices, a gas ring can only be installed in cars with an automatic transmission. 


Trigger Throttles 


Another device that can only be fitted in automatic transmission vehicles is the trigger throttle. This is a control that operates the accelerator pedal using a trigger mounted on the brake lever. Users can then push the device lightly with a single finger to activate the vehicle. 


This removes the need to start and move off in a car in the traditional way and provides greater control over the speed of your vehicle. 


Radical Hand Controls 


A radial hand control is a stick control that allows the driver to accelerate or slow down based on moving the handle backwards and forwards. This gives the driver optimum control over the vehicle as they’re able to use the added lever feature in the same way as an accelerator pedal. 


These controls are most likely to be installed in automatic transmission cars and are one of the most popular adjustments made to mobility vehicles. 


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