Car Adaptations 

Car adaptations, which can also be referred to as vehicle adaptations, are simple to use devices that are designed to fit on a vehicle that provides a versatile option for travel. These adaptations are designed to improve the quality of life for some people on their car journeys. These car adaptations are essential to both the driver and passenger. Each individual has unique needs and specifications when it comes down to car adaptations. When an individual gets to understand their needs, it enables you to have comfort while using their car. These needs range from loading and stowing a wheelchair, assistance with steering or even easy accessibility when getting in and out of a car.

Roof Stowage System

A roof stowage system is a system that (as the name suggests) stores items on the roof of your car. There are two main types of roof stowage systems that can be used for storing a wheelchair or act as an aid in the lifting or lowering of the wheelchair. These two main types of roof stowage systems are the chair topper and the roof spider.

Chair Topper

The chair topper usually drops a folding wheelchair that is manual, to either side of the car. However, it has to be set up to drop it to one side at a given time. The chair topper can be operated in spaces that are either small or large. This offers a great option when you are parking in a spot that is tight such as a narrow car park space.

Roof Spider

A roof spider is simply a box that is waterproof and is located on the top of a car where it is used to store a wheelchair. This particular roof stowage system can lift the wheelchair up and down in a fashion that is spider-like. After use, the wheelchair is folded back and placed into the box at the top of a car. From any side of the car, the wheelchair can be taken and is usually operated by the use of remote control.

roof stowage system

Wheelchair Conversions

These are a wide range of options that are made on a car to make it easily accessible and secure when stowing it. They include;

Boot Hoist

This is an option for storing wheelchairs. It helps lift a wheelchair into the boot of a car. It works through the use of a button and it then takes the weight of the wheelchair and directs it to the boot of the car.

Person Lift

This is a great option for all wheelchair users. You are able to access your car with the help of an electric person hoist that lifts you into a car or another transfer plate located on the side of a car seat. This offers a surface for transfer that is smooth and located between the wheelchair and the seat of the car.


Car adaptations such as the roof stowage system and other car conversions help in making an individual’s life easier. These car adaptations are usually designed to fit an individual’s personal needs and specifications. It is important for you to first understand your needs before looking for any car adaptation feature.


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