Having the ability to drive gives us more freedom to do exactly what we want to. However, driving with a disability can make the process much more daunting or difficult and could even be impossible for some. This leaves some disabled individuals reliant on friends and family to provide transport. Mobility cars feature adaptations that allow disabled individuals to drive themselves and improve their level of independence.

How Can Mobility Cars Help?

Modified mobility cars can solve all of those issues for people with mobility problems. Car adaptations can be provided in several different variations that cater to a wide range of disabilities to make it much easier to operate a vehicle, feel more comfortable driving, and explore the world more freely at their leisure. 

Car conversions can be tailored to the individual needs of the driver after a thorough assessment. These cars can also be accessed through mobility schemes, offering grants and funding opportunities to make the cars more affordable. 

  • Hand Controls

For people with limited movement in their lower body, hand controls for the brakes and accelerator may be more appropriate and safer to use. They are operated by placing pedals or levers around the steering wheel, so they’re easy to access and manoeuvre.

  • Radio Remotes

Radio remotes can control more of the leisure features inside the car from an easily accessible place. If you struggle with limited arm movement, it may be easier for you to access all of your in-car controls from the steering wheel without having to reach over to change the volume on your radio, increase the air conditioning, or use your windscreen wipers, for example.

Radio remotes can also come with a miniature steering function or stick steering which allows you to control the movement of the car within a much smaller area.

  • Wheelchair Hoists

Before you even begin to make operating the car easier, the most important thing is to ensure you can sit in the car comfortably enough to drive. There are mobility cars available that will provide a wheelchair hoist to help lift you from your chair into the seat of the car.

  • Swivel Seats

Once you’ve been able to adequately access the vehicle, you’ll also need to be able to get out again. Swivel seats can be provided which allow you to unlock the seating position and turn the seat to the side. This gives easier access and can make climbing out of the car much more simple.


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  • Drive From Wheelchair

Wheelchair driving in certain situations is also possible. This allows you to access the whole of the car’s functionality from your wheelchair. It will require a larger vehicle with ramp access but limits the amount of movement you’ll need to make to drive the car and removes any need to get in and out of the wheelchair.

  • Left Foot Accelerator

A left foot accelerator can be installed to cater to people with limited movement on their right side to allow for easier use of the pedals with a single foot. These cars will always have an automatic gearbox so there’s no clutch to operate either.

The Process

Deciding to learn to drive with a disability is a big step. First, you’ll need support and to undertake an assessment to pinpoint exactly what adjustments need to be made to the vehicle to make it usable.

Once you’ve managed to secure a car with the required changes (which may take a couple of months to design and create) then it will take some time to learn to drive the mobility car. If your disability is the result of an accident or surgery and not something that has been from birth, it may still take a while to re-learn to drive in a mobility-modified vehicle.

Once you’re used to the changes, it will undoubtedly provide a refreshing change to your daily lifestyle and improve your level of independence. If you would like to find out more about the products listed above, please get in touch with our friendly team on 01525 850588 or head over to our contact page for more information.  

Would you like an assessment?

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