Having a disability can bring challenges, especially when it comes to accessibility. For many of us, a car is an essential part of life, be it for travelling on holiday, leisure, or commuting, and your disability is one thing that should not stand in the way of this. 

Motability, or mobility, cars are specifically designed to cater to the needs of those who find it more difficult to either drive themselves or access a vehicle, for example. However, thanks to evolving technology, cars are becoming easier to transform into accessible spaces, depending on what adjustments you or your loved one’s disability requires you to make.

Invest In A Wheelchair Hoist

Wheelchair hoists are a great way to make your car more wheelchair accessible. They work by securely and safely lifting, or hoisting, either a wheelchair or scooter into the vehicle’s boot. 

Wheelchair hoists are incredibly versatile requiring little effort from the user or carer once correctly fitted. Hoists come in two-way, which is where the wheelchair lift only moves up and down; a four-way hoist moves both up and down and sides to side; whilst a six-way hoist goes up, down, side to side, and can swivel up to 90 degrees.

Adding A Retractable Ramp 

Rear access conversions also prove a popular option, being so widely available. A retractable ramp is placed on the ground, either manually powered or electric, which allows for an easy entrance for the wheelchair to be wheeled into the boot. If vehicle space is restricted, however, fear not, as an exterior carrier can be an excellent alternative, carrying your wheelchair or scooter on the back of your car.

Swap Out The Car Seat! 

Another way to make your car more wheelchair accessible is by changing the seating arrangements. 

A Carony system allows for a wheelchair to be transformed into a car seat, without the need for lifting or transferring. The seat slides onto the rails of the system, directly from the wheelchair. 

Turnout seats are another seating adjustment option, which allows the wheelchair user to easily exit and enter the car by lowering the seats in the vehicle. Depending on the needs of the wheelchair user, a turnout seat can turn, rotate, extend, and lower, being suitable for all sized vehicles.


Swivel seat base


Changing To Push & Pull Controls

If you or your loved one’s disability has now meant it’s no longer possible to use foot pedals while driving, push and pull controls can be used as a replacement and can be fitted to most vehicles. They work using a lever mechanism that is joined to the steering wheel. Pulling the lever acts as the acceleration pedal would, and to break, you simply push the lever away from you.


Making changes to your vehicle does not have to be a complicated process. Wheelchair accessibility features can not only provide independence for those who have previously struggled with car mobility but most importantly can drastically improve the quality of day-to-day life for wheelchair users. 

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