Can I Drive If I’m Disabled?

Having a disability doesn’t necessarily prevent you from driving. Your ability to drive will depend on the circumstances of your disability and whether or not it impairs your ability to be safe out on the road. 

You may feel limited and reliant on others due to your inability to drive, which could also reduce your confidence and independence. Now, thanks to advancements in technology, you may actually be able to get behind the wheel safely and comfortably.

There are a variety of modifications that allow those with disabilities to be able drive and your mobility status can be assessed by the DVLA to make these adjustments for you. 

You could have a disability that affects your mobility, or a physical impairment where you may require adjustments or extra features enabling you to drive like anyone else.

What Help Can You Get As A Disabled Driver?

Blue Badge 

If you find it challenging to access your local shops, restaurants, cinema, shopping centre, or any service because you’d have to park further away, then the Blue Badge scheme may be for you. If your disability greatly impacts your mobility, and parking further away could be uncomfortable or even painful depending on your disability, a blue badge can allow you to park right outside. Simply apply for the badge and display it in your car window.

Road Tax 

The majority of people may not be aware that having a disability may make you exempt from paying vehicle tax if you are in receipt of DLA or the enhanced rate mobility of PIP. If you receive the standard rate of PIP, then you could receive a 50% reduction in vehicle tax. 

Car Insurance 

When it comes to looking for car insurance, it can seem daunting at first, especially if you have a disability and you feel that an insurance company will refuse to cover you. Well, under the Equality Act 2010 it could be unlawful for an insurer to not cover a disabled individual if they base their decision solely on their disability.

 However, if you don’t disclose your information, then this could affect your application for insurance. It’s always best practice to speak directly to a representative to see what premium you could be eligible for.

Motability Scheme

The motability scheme is designed to assist a disabled individual with leasing a car, powered wheelchair, or scooter. If you have a mobility allowance then you may be able to lease a car at discounted price.

How Can PB Conversions Help You?

If you’re a disabled individual who may be in need of car adaptations on the motability Bedford scheme, then PB Conversions is the company for you. They provide a range of services from steering aids, hand controls, pedal and seat extensions, to left foot accelerators and much more. At first being on the road may feel intimidating, but thanks to PB Conversions, you can feel confident and safe.

Drive from Wheelchair

PB Conversions offer bespoke vehicles to fit in wheelchairs, offering hand controls to control the vehicle just like any other driver.

Hand Controls

The hand controls come in the form of accelerators and brakes from a push button next to the steering wheel or extra handles and buttons on the steering wheel itself to control the cars functions, including windows and wipers and easy-steering joysticks.


Get In Touch For More Information

If you’re an individual with a disability who wants to get out on the open road, contact one of PB Conversions’ helpful and friendly staff members to help you get your independence back. 



Would you like an assessment?

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