If you have a disability and you drive you may be trying to find out how to apply for a blue badge. It can also be helpful to understand some of the valuable products that can be purchased to help those who are disabled to be able to drive with more comfort. We are going to be exploring both of these topics in this article, as well as car conversions.

The Blue Badge is a national scheme for disabled people who have severe mobility problems and allows them to be able to park closer to their destination so that they can access services more easily. It costs up to £10 in England and £20 in Scotland and is free in Wales. A Blue Badge usually lasts for 3 years. To begin applying for a Blue Badge you should head over to https://www.gov.uk/apply-blue-badge. The badge will allow owners to be able to park in the disabled parking spaces that many services offer.

Blue Badge Disabled Parking

Here you will find an eligibility test to see if you can qualify for a Blue Badge. If the test comes back successful, you can then continue to this next step. For the next step, you will need to have with you a recent digital photo showing your head and shoulders. Also, you will need a photo scan of proof of identity (birth certificate, passport or driving licence for example). Also required would be a proof of address (Council Tax bill or government letter) and proof of benefits if applicable. You will also need to know your National Insurance number if you have one. The payment for a Blue Badge varies between local councils. You should have a decision based on your application within 12 weeks.

Let’s now take a look at some of the mobility products available to purchase for those who are disabled, which can help the user with driving and parking. 

disability parking space

Car Conversion

Hand controls are a good consideration. These push-pull hand controls tend to be made up of a lever on the right-hand side of the steering wheel which is pulled towards you when acceleration is required. The user then pushes the lever away to brake. Underneath the device should usually be padded for extra comfort on your legs.

Another handy aid is a steering ball to help the user whilst using hand controls, and there is also the option of an indicator toggle switch on top of the hand controls so that the act of signalling is made easier. Also consider space drive car adaptations, which help a person of little strength to drive. With these adaptations, the brake, accelerator, and steering wheel can be activated with the rest of the car controlled by driving aids using microprocessors.

There are also adaptations available that allow wheelchair users to be able to drive whilst still in their wheelchair. This setup can help provide another level of independence to those who are disabled. It’s a service that some companies will offer as a conversion to a person’s already existing car, or there are also vehicles that can be brought that have been specially made to allow drive from wheelchair capabilities.

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