Having the freedom to be able to use your car to travel to different places is fantastic. People of all ages constantly use their car daily, whether that’s going to work or socialising with their friends. If you have a disability, you may think you aren’t able to access a vehicle; however, there are many driving options available. Let’s take a look at how that’s made possible.


Can I Drive From A Wheelchair?

In short, yes you can. There are wheelchair access vehicles (WAVS) that allow you to drive from your wheelchair. These cars have been specifically modified so you can drive in comfort. Alternatively, there is another type of vehicle which is an internal transfer.


All you need to do is contact PB Conversations and we will look at what options are available to give you independence.

Man in wheelchair driving

Why Should I Use PB Conversions?

Car adaptions shouldn’t be complicated. PB conversions offer a tailored service to ensure you, the driver, are accommodated. We offer car conversions that allow people with disabilities to drive comfortably and safely.


We can offer a bespoke service to make sure that all needs are catered for based on your vehicle. Wheelchair vehicles provide freedom to those who thought they may never drive again.


What Is Involved With A Wheelchair Conversion

When the conversion is complete the controls are activated while you’re still in your wheelchair. When driving from a wheelchair setup, most will use hands-free entry systems. Once inside the vehicle, there will be an automatic docking system to make sure you are securely seated.


Your conversion company will ensure that in the event of an emergency you can leave the vehicle safely. They will also discuss other safety features such as automatic fire extinguishing tools.


Drive-from-wheelchair setups can be more costly than passenger transfer systems due to the remote-control access. The remote control will allow you to:

  • Deploy the ramp or lift
  • Open the door
  • Secure yourself and your wheelchair without assistance
  • Access the vehicle 

Due to all the wiring and setup required, this can cause the price to be significant. Nonetheless, the unique service has the potential to be life-changing. Being able to drive gives everyone a greater level of independence and may be something someone with a disability may have thought was impossible. However, working with PB Conversions means driving with a disability is achievable.


Internal-Transfer WAVs

If you don’t need the unique seating of your wheelchair, an internal transfer is an option for you. These have the same inside functions as the drive-from-wheelchair setup, but you can sit in the driving seat as if in a standard vehicle.

They will generally be accessible to the vehicle by a ramp, you can then transfer from your wheelchair to the seat. All systems in these setups are powered so being able to access the controls is essential.

Some effort is needed to transfer physically from the wheelchair to the driving seat so be sure this is possible. Your local specialist will overall be able to assess whether or not this type of vehicle is suitable.



After assessing your funds and lifestyle, have a chat with PB conversions to see which setup is best for you. Wheelchair vehicles can give you your independence back, check out what car adaptions work for you, and celebrate getting back on the road again. To contact our friendly team today, call 01525 850588 or head over to our contact page for more details on our car conversions.


Would you like an assessment?

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