Wheelchairs allow many disabled people to move from one place to another. Travelling long distances means transporting the wheelchair along with them in a vehicle. 

This means someone has to lift and load the chair into the vehicle. While this is straightforward, it’s not always achievable. A wheelchair hoist makes it easier to lift a wheelchair and have it loaded into the storage space of most cars or other vehicles such as a van or station wagon.

How Can A Wheelchair Hoist Benefit Your Day-To-Day Life

One can enjoy a lot of benefits that come with installing a wheelchair hoist in their car. You’ll be surprised at how these machines can make day-to-day life much easier for disabled people who use a wheelchair. Here’s how:

·  More Convenient

For many disabled people, convenience is always hard to come by. Already they go through the day-to-day struggle of having to constantly use their arms to push their chairs, which in the long run puts a strain on their arms. To reduce the strenuous work, installing a car wheelchair hoist can help ease things a little because it makes it easier to lift and load the chair into the car boot.

You can purchase a lighter and more foldable wheelchair hoist – the Di Blasi R30 Hoist which can be installed in a variety of car boot spaces. The lifting is done by the hoist making the process of driving much easier.

·  Time-Saving

Figuring out how to properly load and fit a wheelchair into the car boot can be time-consuming. A car wheelchair hoist can do this faster and more easily, helping you reach whenever you use your vehicle.

·  Reduced Pain

Lifting wheelchairs can be physically demanding for many people. Someone with a disability that means they use a wheelchair may not be able to lift a wheelchair. Lifting a wheelchair by themselves may not be possible. If a friend, family member, or carer lifts the wheelchair often, they could injure themselves.

Get yourself a hoist to lift wheelchairs and this removes the extra pain that comes with lifting the chair alone.

·  Safer Option

People have injured themselves while attempting to load wheelchairs into car boots and vehicles. They are not only heavy but properly placing them into the boot can be a challenge for some. A wheelchair hoist is the safest way to lift a wheelchair since it is designed to take on enough weight. It works similarly to elevators. It can raise, lift and lower whatever is being carried safely.

Wheelchair Hoist

Bottom Line

For an easier, safer, and more convenient driving experience, it’s a better idea to have a car wheelchair hoist installed in the boot of your car. That way time is saved with quicker lifting and loading plus the chance of injury when trying to load the chair alone is reduced.

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