Manufacturers incorporate many ergonomic features in the design of cars, but further Car Conversions will be needed for drivers with mobility needs. Radio Remotes are a device that attaches to the steering wheel with a ball or lollipop grip so the driver can use functions like indicators, lights, and wipers without taking a hand off the steering wheel.

They work a bit like a TV remote with multiple functions and can be fitted to most cars. Advice can be given by the installer on the best device for the driver’s needs.

Installing A Radio Remote in My Car

PB Conversions provide a complete range of Car Adaptions and servicing. These range from basics for mobility cars to lifts and hoists, and remote systems.

Let’s take a look at potential adaptions and functions of radio remotes and how installing a them in your car could help you increase your confidence when driving.

What Is a Radio Remote & Do I Need One?

Radio remotes, what are they? How are they fitted? And will it make car mobility easier for me?

Radio remotes are easily fitted to the steering wheel, either with a ball or lollipop grip, and have a number of different functions matched to the driver’s needs. The remotes are really good for drivers who have difficulty driving with two hands, or with only one hand.


How A Radio Remote Can Benefit a Driver

With suitable car adaptions, radio remotes give a driver with hand mobility issues a greater access to use the controls in the car and make driving easier and safer.

These are multi-functional devices with 7 to 13 functions, which can be adapted to each driver’s needs, increasing freedom on the roads. When fitted, simple actions for a driver, such as using indicators, windscreen wipers and headlights can be done without taking a hand off the steering wheel.

There are also plans to add more features to radio remotes, meaning that cars will have summoning functionality, offering the futuristic option to call your car out of your garage.

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Radio Remotes give drivers with mobility issues a range of options for practical Car Adaptions. This creates easier and more comfortable options for mobility driving. These accessible features improve the driving experience and give confidence back to those with lowered mobility.

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