If you struggle with mobility issues and use a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or wheelchair to help you get around, you may find it can be challenging getting your mobility aid in and out of the car. This is where a boot hoist can help; they make light work of loading and unloading mobility equipment, but knowing which one to pick can be tricky.
In this article, we’re going to look at how you can choose the best boot hoist for your car and mobility equipment, ensuring you select the correct adaption for your car.

Choosing The Right Boot Hoist For You

Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and other mobility equipment tends to be bulky and heavy. Lifting it into a boot can be physically demanding and difficult, especially if the car is larger and the equipment needs to be lifted at height. A boot hoist is a popular and convenient solution to this problem.
This professional piece of apparatus can take the manual lifting aspect out of moving mobility equipment, making the process a lot easier, faster, and safer. That being said, it’s not quite as simple as buying the first boot hoist you come across.
There are many car and mobility aid combinations to consider, meaning you need to find one that is compatible with both your vehicle and your wheelchair or mobility device.

Different Types Of Boot Hoists To Consider

So, what type of hoists are there? Generally, boot hoists are split into two categories: two-way and four-way. A two-way wheelchair hoist is ideal for those with lighter and smaller wheelchairs. It’s more compact, but it does require you to manually lift the mobility device into the boot and then secure it in place using the ties provided.
A four-way hoist is more advanced and uses electric motors to move up and down. A four-way hoist takes all the effort out of moving mobility equipment, because all you need to do is press a button and wait for the hoist to move down so you can load up your wheelchair. Then, you can push another button and it will move into the boot. This is particularly useful if you have a bigger or heavier mobility aid.

In terms of what the best boot hoist for you is, make sure you consider the size of your boot, how able you are to move equipment yourself, and whether a hoist may impede your ability to carry passengers or other items in your car. In addition to this, you’ll then need to filter out the type of hoist by combability with your car model and your wheelchair model.

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