Everyone spends a lot of time in their cars. They’re almost a second home and everyone will benefit from being completely comfortable while travelling in their vehicle. The technology within cars is developing all the time with recent switches to satellite navigation within the car itself and Wi-Fi connection to phones to create a hands-free device.

Car conversions don’t just stop there though. Certain mobility schemes will go that one step further to make it easier for individuals with a disability, particularly one that limits upper body movement or the use of the individual’s hands. This allows people with a disability to have the same freedoms as other drivers.

What Is A Radio Remote?

A radio remote is a device that connects to your car’s internal computer system to control all of your basic car functionalities from a single place. This allows people to use the indicators, windscreen wipers, windows, and air conditioning all from using a single remote. It works just like a TV remote and attaches to the steering wheel to make it easily accessible.

How Can A Radio Remote Benefit Me?

If you have a disability that means that you have limited upper body movement, or you’re only able to use one arm, having a remote right next to your hand will allow you the freedom to change the car’s settings while still allowing you to drive comfortably and safely.

Lollipop radio remotes work in the same way but use joystick functionality. You’ll be able to change the settings using a joystick to navigate to the option that you require. This may even link directly to a computer screen in your car so you can operate everything on your screen without having to reach across the vehicle. It’s a much safer way to drive.

What Functionality Can Be Controlled With A Radio Remote?

Depending on your disability and the level of adaptations you require, your radio remote can be used to control lots of things from your steering wheel.

  • Indicators
  • Lights
  • Air Conditioning
  • Horn
  • Hazards
  • Windscreen Wipers
  • Washers
  • Windows


Where Can I Get A Radio Remote Installed In My Car?

That’s where the expert team at PB Conversions can help as we specialise in vehicle mobility adaptions for people with disabilities. Your radio remote will either be installed by our team or will be transported to a specialist garage to make the changes for you. This can take a couple of weeks depending on the scale of the changes and your requirements. 




Technology is always changing. Always keep in touch with your mobility company to see if any further improvements can be made to your radio remote control to make your driving easier and your car more accessible. 

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