Wheelchair hoists are vehicle adaptations that are useful in making it very easy to have wheelchairs loaded into the car. The wheelchairs are often loaded into the luggage compartment of a van, passenger car, a small hatchback or a station wagon. The wheelchair hosts can be used for loading either mechanical or electric wheelchairs into the vehicles. Most of these can be used for loaded both the two models of the wheelchairs. The wheelchair loading hoists, as such, help save the work done by family, handicapped assistants or accompanying persons. It may or may not have a removable arm lacking a wire connection to the vehicle.

Where The Hoists are Most Suited

In all kinds of cars in which the wheelchairs can be fitted, the hoists can be added as a vehicle adaptation to aid in loading the hoists. However, this all depends on the particular wheelchair and the particular car on which the hoist is to be installed. Most commonly, the hoist is placed in the sliding door space to allow for easy control by an individual that’s seating on the driver’s side. This also makes it possible for the wheelchair to be placed the space that exists behind the front seats.

The Design of the Wheelchair Hoist

Loading wheelchairs is not an easy task if done in any other way. This is especially true if the wheelchair is electric. The easiest to load this type of wheelchair is by the use of the wheelchair hoist. The other option for you to carry out this loading is through the use of portable telescopic ramps. The advantage that the hoists have over the portable telescopic ramps is the fact that the hoists occupy a very minimal space in the vehicle. Furthermore, the turning of the arm can either be mechanical or electric, depending on every person’s preferences. The design of the hoists also makes them safe and easy to handle.

Mechanically Turned Hoists

The mechanical turning hoist is a simpler variant of the wheelchair hoist. If your car is inclined slightly, the hoist arm will tend to rotate down the side of the slope. Hence, if the wheelchair is heavy, keeping the right position of rotation is never easy. The hoist has an electric motor that keeps the wheelchair stable in the cars luggage compartment even after the chair is loaded already. This makes this type more preferable for mechanical wheelchairs that are lighter.

How to use the Hoists to Load Wheelchairs

The working of the wheelchair hoists is very simple. The hook is simply fastened to the wheelchair console that’s pre-prepared. Then using the electric control, the wheelchair is lifted upwards. Once the threshold height is overcome, the arm is turned with the carriage into the vehicle’s luggage compartment after which the wheelchair is lowered onto the vehicle’s floor. Usually, the arm is usually made to have an electric control to make easier to handle. Whenever the car is driven, the crane doesn’t sound and clink.

The Benefits and Features of the Hoist

The first benefit of the wheelchair hoist is that it loads the wheelchair simply, safely and not in a physically demanding way. It also has minimal dimensions of installation making it possible to have electric wheelchairs loaded into even vehicles that are small in size.

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