Motorists who struggle with disability often have a hard time when it comes to moving in and out of their vehicle. Luckily, modern-day technologies can assist with everyday motoring needs, making access to your vehicle much simpler. This blog will look at turnout swivel seats and how they are beneficial in aiding easy access to vehicles for people with disabilities.

A turnout swivel chair is designed to make life easier for those who may be less able to easily enter and exit a vehicle. They also assist in making the transfer from car to wheelchair much less work. Turnout swivel chairs can easily rotate outwards, meaning the burden of descending a vehicle is significantly reduced.

The turnout swivel chair is the most straightforward and economical solution for ease of access to and from a vehicle. Swivel chairs can be installed on both the driver and passenger side of a vehicle and are available with a manual or powered swivel. With a choice of options, the turnout swivel chair is an excellent solution for many different requirements.

Why Should I Install A Swivel Seat In My Car?

You should consider installing a turnout swivel chair if you have noticed recently that access to your vehicle has become increasingly difficult. Suppose you struggle to enter and remove yourself from your car. In that case, a swivel chair could be the best option to relieve the difficulty. It should also be an option to consider if you have a family member who struggles with a disability that limits their ability to access the vehicle. Having a swivel chair installed will make it easier for you and your family, especially if you make regular trips out.


Swivel car seat

Benefits Of A Swivel Seat

A turnout swivel chair makes a vehicle more accessible. As many of us depend on our cars and vans for our daily tasks, ensuring that you have easy access to your vehicle is safer and more convenient. It will help prevent potential injuries that could occur when struggling with access. It also helps save some time when commuting if you can exit and enter your vehicle more quickly.

A rotating seat reduces the strain on your body when it comes to entering and exiting. A swivel chair is a huge convenience for anyone who has difficulty accessing their vehicle. With different options available, there is a swivel chair for all needs and requirements. A manual swivel chair is ideal for those who have only minor difficulty entering and exiting their vehicle. 

With the motion of your body, you can rotate the seat outwards away from the car, giving you the advantage of being able to step down and out of the vehicle. For those who have greater difficulty accessing their vehicle, a powered swivel chair is a good option. The swivel chair does most of the work and puts you in a good position to step from the vehicle safely.

Hiring a professional fitter is the best way of getting the right swivel chair for your needs and that’s where we, PB Conversions, come in! We will be able to advise you on the best options and ensure that the chair is fitted safely and correctly for maximum longevity. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch on 01525 850588 or head over to our contact page for more details. 

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