The swivel seats are capable of moving you gently and carefully from your wheelchair into the comfort of a car seat. Swivel seats can aid people with getting in and out of a vehicle easier. This system is vital in everyday life for so many people, it enables them to have full independence. There are a lot more seat conversions than you would first believe, they are designed for freedom and mobility to those who find it challenging to get in and out of vehicles.

What are swivel seats?

Swivel seats are a great solution for people who find it difficult switching from a car seat to wheelchair or vice versa.

Key features the swivel seat:

• Improves access to the car by spinning the seat. 

• Manual and automatic solutions available – operated by a lever if the seat is manual or a remote if it is electronically operated.

• Appropriate for almost all cars.

Disabled man entering car

Standard swivel seat

A swivel chair turns to allow easy access into a car, it moves out of the vehicle and drops or tilts so getting into the car becomes an easier and less stressful task. It all depends on what requirements you have,  if you are having assistance getting in and out of the car or independently, the swivel seats come in a manual or automatic version. Remember you may need help putting the wheelchair in the boot if you are not able to do it yourself. Can replace the drivers or passenger seat in a vehicle.

Wheelchair swivel seats

Wheelchair swivel seats are also obtainable, the seats are used on a wheelchair base and then the whole seat goes in the vehicle. Wheelchair swivel seats can’t really be operated independently as you would need somebody to assist you putting the wheelchair base into place and put it in the boot once you are in the vehicle.

Turning swivel seat

This version of the seat offers an ideal answer for people with restricted movement to effortlessly get in and out of the vehicle, by transporting the entire car seat out of the vehicle for easy entry. The turn swivel seat comes out through the door and depresses to an appropriate place to transfer from a wheelchair to the car seat. The seat can be in manual or automatic it depends on how independent you are.  The seat is mounted in the original seat bolt this means that there is no damage caused to your car and should you wish to sell the car at a given point the swivel seat can easily be replaced with the original seat.

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