If you have limited mobility, one of the things continuing driving can give you is your independence. However, most individuals with some difficulty of movement will need to make some form of adaptation to their vehicle to aid them in the driving experience.

There are a number of ways you can adapt your car or other vehicles to suit your mobility needs, and below we’ve listed some of the main examples. You can read more about each type here.


Hand Controls – There are a number of adapted hand controls you can get for your vehicle, and we manufacture bespoke hand controls in our workshop in Bedfordshire, all of which come with a 3-year warranty and servicing. These are push/pull devices that help you to control speed, as well as to brake or accelerate. These hand controls are fitted to automatic vehicles for ease of use.


Space Drive Car Adaptations – These types of vehicle adaptations allow individuals with very limited movement or strength, as well as other similar disabilities, to drive the car. All driving aids are controlled by microprocessors which are more sensitive than usual controls to make braking, accelerating, and steering easier. Space Drive Car Adaptations are fantastic for offering more flexibility and freedom while driving for those who are especially vulnerable.


wheelchair hoist


Wheelchair Hoists – As well as adapting your vehicle for your own use, you may wish to adopt a vehicle so that you can easily fit your wheelchair or scooter inside. Wheelchair hoists make this adaptation possible and simple to execute. They come 2, 4 or 6 way powered and which one you’ll need will depend on the size and weight of the scooter or wheelchair. Three excellent brands we recommend and fit for our customers around Bedfordshire include Autoadapt, Autochair, Brig-aid. These adaptations are often not covered by Motability Schemes but are an extremely useful option.

radio controls

Radio Remotes & Roof Stowage Systems – With remotes that fit onto the steering wheel that connect to your radio, this makes radio control safer, easier and more efficient for those with limited mobility. There are also a variety of roof storage systems you can add to your vehicle including the Roof Spider and Chair Topper. The Chair Topper drops a folding wheelchair to either one side of the vehicle or the other, ready for the passenger or driver to use, whereas the Roof Spider adaptation can drop the chair to either side.

Left Foot Accelerator – Finally, foot adaptations are perfect for those with limited mobility in one or the other leg. This adaptation provides two accelerator pedals, either side of the brake pedal. It works by having a is a twin flip pedal, meaning that you pull down whichever accelerator you wish to use as needed and otherwise the car can still be driven as normal. This gives both flexibilities and added assistance while driving.

To find out more about the above adaptations that you can get for your vehicle, visit our main services page here.

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