Wheelchair accessible vehicles or WAVs are adapted vehicles designed to let passengers remain in their wheelchairs. When it comes to choosing the right WAV for you, make sure that you consider certain factors.

For starters, you need to consider the size. The WAV should be large enough to fit your current needs as well as possible future needs. It should be spacious enough for your luggage and equipment. It should also be large enough to fit other people, such as your nurse, caregiver, or family members.

You should also consider the WAV’s setup. If you tend to sit in front, beside the driver, you should get a WAV that will let you place your wheelchair there. Likewise, if you prefer to stay in the back, your WAV should be able to let you do that. You may also consider getting a WAV that offers both options.

Moreover, you should factor in the adaptations. Consider how you can drive your wheelchair to and from the WAV. Do you want a lift or a ramp? Lifts are ideal for large vans. They are usually digitally operated. Ramps, on the other hand, are usually manually operated.

If you are in search of the latest WAV models, you can check out the following:

Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

These WAVs have been renowned as some of the most sought-after minivans for the past decade. There are three different conversions you can choose from: VMI Honda Northstar, Braun Honda Power, and VMI Honda Summit. All models have a 55-inch-tall door. Both Honda Northstar and Honda Summit have a 30.75-inch door opening width and a 91.5-inch overall floor length. However, their measurements vary in terms of ramp width and length.

Honda odyssey

Honda Pilot Wheelchair SUVs

This vehicle can take you wherever you want to go. It offers space, style, and accessibility. It is spacious enough for your entire family. It is also very easy to manoeuvre. In addition, it has practical features such as storage compartments, an in-floor ramp that can be quickly stowed out of the way, and a removal front passenger seat for better seating flexibility.

Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

You can choose from six different conversions of this model: Braun Power XT, Braun Power In-floor, Braun Manual XT, VMI Summit Access360, VMI Northstar E360, and VMI Northstar Access360. They have practical features such as a keyless remote, additional headroom, removable seating, and an in-floor or folding ramp.

Toyota Sienna

Chrysler Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

A pioneer in American minivans, Chrysler (Town & Country) truly know what their clients need. You can choose from eight different conversions: CompanionVan, Power, CompanionVan Plus XT, CompanionVan Plus, VMI Northstar, VMI Summit, Power In-floor, and Power XT. Some of the features include ramp side rails, additional headroom, removable seating, keyless remote, and lowered centre floor.

Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair Vans and Handicap Vans

A pioneer in wheelchair vans and handicapped minivans, Dodge (Grand Caravan) modifies minivans in order to suit the needs of their clients. There are nine different conversions to choose from: CompanionVan Plus XT, CompanionVan Plus, CompanionVan, Braun Power XT, Braun Power, Braun Power In-floor, VMI Summit, VMI Northstar, and VMI Northstar E. They have power foldout or in-floor ramp, keyless remote, additional headroom, removable seating, and power door and kneel, among other features.

Before you select a model, make sure that you consider its pros and cons. Determine if it really suits your needs, style, and budget. Check out unbiased reviews to find out more about these vehicles.

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