Space Drive – The Low-Mobility Driving Aid

Car adaptations such as Space Drive are designed to provide people with low mobility greater independence and flexibility when driving. Space Drive is a technology that allows drivers to operate a vehicle using only a joystick or other alternative control device, eliminating the need for pedals and a steering wheel.

With this car adaptation, individuals with disabilities or limited mobility can achieve greater freedom and autonomy, making it easier for them to travel and carry out daily activities. Space Drive can significantly change the lives of people with low mobility, enabling them to drive a car safely and confidently, and allowing them to experience the freedom of the open road like never before.

Car Adaptations Space Drive

Space Drive offers numerous benefits for individuals with low mobility.

Independence: This technology allows for greater independence, giving people with disabilities or limited mobility the ability to drive a vehicle and carry out daily activities without relying on others for transportation.

Safety: Space Drive provides enhanced safety features, such as automatic emergency braking and lane departure warnings, making it easier and safer for individuals to operate a vehicle.

Reduced physical effort: This driving aid can help reduce stress and fatigue associated with driving, as the hand controls require less physical effort than traditional steering wheels and pedals. There is the option to have a mini steering wheel, rotational steering device, 2-way joystick or 4-way joystick in place of a steering wheel.

Comfort: The use of Space Drive enables motorists a more comfortable and customisable driving experience, as the hand controls can be adjusted to the driver’s preferred position and sensitivity.


Overall, Space Drive offers a range of benefits that can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with low mobility. Customers should consider Space Drive as a driving aid over other mobility aids in the market as it provides a unique solution for each individual’s personal needs. Unlike other mobility aids, Space Drive enables drivers to travel independently, without the need for additional support or modifications to the car.

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Space Drive is one of the best driving aids in the market for people with limited mobility. What makes it stand out is its reliability, flexibility, and advanced features that make driving easy and comfortable for everyone.

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