Roof Stowage systems as the name implies are stowage boxes these are mostly used for the stowage of a wheelchair or to help lift and lower the wheelchair, they’re great if you have particular motoring needs and don’t have loads of space inside the vehicle. You will normally find that roof stowage systems come in two different styles: spider roof stowage and chair topper systems. 

But what are the main differences between the two options, and which are likely to work best for you in the long run? Carry on reading to find out more about each option.

What type of Roof Stowage should I choose?

Spider Roof Stowage

A roof spider, as it’s sometimes known, is a versatile box which can be used to hoist a wheelchair up and down from the roof of your car. It’s referred to as a spider due to the mechanism in which it lifts up and down.

Many people choose spider roof stowage for the simple fact that you can access it from any area of your vehicle. It’s all-encompassing! However, this option may not always be the best choice if you have a narrow vehicle or if you’re likely to be getting in and out of particularly tight spots.

However, these options are often really handy for getting wheelchairs folded up and back out at short notice. You can even use a roof spider with a remote control if you like!

Chair Topper Stowage

For many people, a chair topper stowage option is a simpler way of doing things. This stowage support will allow you access to your chair at either side of your car, and it tends to be the best roof stowage system for those cars likely to be parking in narrower spots.

However, a chair topper is a manual unit. This means that you’re always going to need to configure it by hand whenever you wish to lower your chair or hoist it back up. Therefore, it might not always be as smooth or as flexible as a spider.

Wheelchair driver

Which Option is Right For You?

If you’ve never used a wheelchair stowage system before, it can sometimes be tricky to work out which option is likely to be your best choice.

Crucially, it’s worth remembering the difference in the form of one being automated, and the other being manual. A spider is going to allow you to access your wheelchair from anywhere around your car through a remote. However, a chair topper, which requires manual loading and positioning, is likely to be the better choice for tighter parking and versatility.

There are clear pros and cons to both systems. However, it’s clear that both stowage systems will help to take the strain away from your boot. 

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