Do you find it difficult and too heavy when it comes to loading a wheelchair into your vehicle safely? This is not an easy task for most people, as you will need to arrange the best position for the wheelchair to fit in the boot of the car. Furthermore, this can be a chore if you have a very small car boot. It can also be difficult to know where to store the wheelchair when you require room in the vehicle for other passengers or luggage.

A remote roof stowage system is a foldable wheelchair system with a remote hoist mechanism in a roof box designed to pick up, transport and retrieve a wheelchair next to the driver’s side or passengers’ side of the vehicle. By having the wheelchair in the stowage roof box, the space in the vehicle is also not affected and neither is the boot.

roof stowage system image

There are 2 types of the system that can be used to help store the wheelchair and assist lifting and dropping the wheelchair or mobility scooter, these are the roof spider and the chair topper. 

The Roof Spider:

The roof spider is a waterproof box that sits on top of your vehicle and stores your wheelchair. The system lifts the wheelchair or mobility scooter up comes down in spider formation and then folds back up into a slim roof box that sits on top of the car. It can take the wheelchair or mobility scooter from whichever side of the vehicle and then is operated by remote control and then brings the chair back down at the other end of the journey.

Chair topper:

The Chair Topper will drop a manual folding wheelchair to either the driver or front passenger side but can only be set up to drop to one side. It can be operated in large or small spaces so it’s great to use in a narrow car park space; as the chair topper coming down beside the vehicle makes this is a really good solution for parking in a tight spot.

How does a remote roof stowage system work?

The system was made to help manual wheelchair users who are able to transfer from their wheelchair to a seat in the vehicle but are not able to transfer their wheelchair into the car with them or put it in the boot. As we all know we need our independence and aren’t always with others that can help us.

But with the roof stowage systems, this has been made much easier to safely store the wheelchair on your own or with the company. So how does it work? After when in the seat of the vehicle, the remote control slides the roof box over to which side it required lowers a hoist which then goes under the material base of the wheelchair and then lifts the wheelchair into the roof box.  The roof boxes are completely watertight and due to the smooth procedure, the stowage system ensures that the wheelchair is transported without any wear and tear.

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