Here at PB Conversions, our aim is to make your life easier by adapting your vehicle so you can get out & about to fantastic places. Outdoor adventures are for everyone, nowhere is this more evident than at the Calvert Trust sites. These guys have been around for years now, they started their company with the idea that they wanted to enable people with disabilities to still benefit from outdoor activities in the countryside. The company was founded way back in 1976 and since then they have just grown & grown, they now have 3 major sites located around the UK in Exmoor, Kielder and the Lake District.

It started with a small but determined group who formed a trust with only a couple of boats & a pair of horses but now each site has loads of permanent staff who are dedicated to making sure the thousands of visitors have a wonderful time when they turn up.

They provide a huge range of fantastic outdoor activities for the adventurous, these activities are challenging but the highly skilled and caring staff will be there to make sure that everyone has a great day, all activities are extremely safe and the guides will take their visitors through each one at their own pace. This means everyone has fun and gets to enjoy the countryside while at the same time gaining confidence to take on the more exhilarating activities!

Outdoor adventure for someone with disabilities

As mentioned there are loads of activities to take part in, some depend on which site you are visiting, each site offers such a great range of fun, exciting things to do. You are able to practice your shooting skills with laser clay shooting or archery skills, see if you could survive in the wild while learning some essential bushcraft skills, learn how to conquer a rock face with adventurous rock climbing and abseiling activities, take to the water with their canoeing & kayaking trips or even try out some of the high adrenaline activities like the high ropes or ‘king swing’.

All of the sites are perfectly accessible with wide doors, lifts to the second floors and all amenities to suit everyone’s needs. At the Kielder site, they also have the beautiful ‘SkyDen’ which offers you a great view of the night stars as the roof opens up completely.

Just like us here at PB Conversions, the Calvert Trust aims to make everyday life easier for anyone with disabilities, why not give them a look and travel to one of their sites when you have had your vehicle adapted by us here at PB Conversions.


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