Driving any vehicle is a daunting process for anyone. The first time you get behind the wheel, as a learner or as a qualified driver is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Those feelings don’t always disappear.

Whether you were born with a particular disability or are learning to live with one following an accident or medical procedure, driving becomes a whole other challenge. Thankfully there are a wealth of car adaptions that can make driving easier and your day-to-day life much more simple.

There are many things able-bodied people take for granted, especially when it comes to driving. Even the simplest of tasks like steering, pressing the pedals, or just getting in and out of the vehicle can be difficult, if not impossible for some. These issues can not only hurt their ability to drive, but also spread into their everyday life, but it doesn’t have to be like that.


Car adaptions for everyone


Mobility Car Adaptations

Adaptations can be made to a car via the Mobility scheme. These can include but are not limited to roof stowage systems, steering aids, radio remotes, left-foot accelerators, or drive from wheelchair adaptations.

The changes don’t have to be limited to the control of the vehicle. You can, for example, have swivel seats or transfer plates installed to help you get in and out of the car. Swivel seats allow the seat, not only to go back and forth but up and down too. Transfer plates allow you to pivot in and out of position which helps you get from a seated position to standing, allowing you to get out and into a wheelchair.

If that isn’t possible, you can also have an adaption called ‘Drive From Wheelchair’ or DFW. This means that the driver’s seat is taken out completely and allows the driver to drive the car directly from their wheelchair, without the need to transfer from one seat to another.

It’s important to mention that car adaptions aren’t limited to driving aids. If you need help accessing a vehicle as a passenger, there are numerous ways to do this too.

Whatever adaptations you need or choose, there will be a degree of relearning when it comes to driving. Becoming familiar with your new controls may take some time, but there was a time when driving at all seemed unusual. It may be a good idea to start driving in less populated areas or industrial estates until you get used to the new adaptations and gain confidence with them. It won’t take very long until you can put some miles on the road and enjoy driving again.

From mobility cars, wheelchair vehicles through to car adaptions, they all work to offer disabled drivers and passengers the ability to see the world beyond their homes. Being able to take to the road, for business or pleasure cannot be underestimated.


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