Independence is important to everyone and driving is a massive factor in feeling like you have freedom. For those with mobility problems, getting behind the wheel can seem daunting and pose a few problems. However, there are ways to overcome these challenges if you have limited mobility to allow you to exercise your freedom and get out on the open road.

Car Adaptations

Here at PB Conversions, we offer a solution to individuals with reduced mobility in their legs and lower body. This allows a wheelchair user to access a car in their wheelchair and operate the controls using just their hands to enable them to drive normally.

Hand Controls For The Car

Some hand controls for cars come in the form of toggles that attach to the steering wheel and allow you to operate the minor controls from the steering wheel without having to move your hands away from the wheel. This means that, rather than reaching around the wheel or across the seats, you’d be able to operate the radio volume, air conditioning, windows, and indicators from the front of the wheel, avoiding any excessive movement.

If you need to take the next step in using car hand controls for mobility cars, you could also secure a car with levers that operate your brakes and acceleration on a simple push-pull mechanism. You would push down to accelerate and pull it back to slow down. This lever will be installed by the steering wheel on the side of your dominant arm to give you the most manoeuvrability and ease of use.

These controls, along with the toggle pad to control the electronics in the car, will enable you to use the car and be fully functional, just from the steering wheel.

How To Get A Hand Control Car

Most automatic transmission cars can have lever controls installed around the steering wheel and mobility schemes can offer these modified cars to people with lower body mobility problems. Just like a standard car, you will need to pass a driving test to be able to drive safely by yourself, but once the test is passed, you’re fine to get out on the road in your new car.

Please note that hand controls should never be installed by an unlicensed company or person. Taking your car to the professionals to install your controls will mean that you have the peace of mind that you and the people around you are safe.


Guido electronic radial hand controls

Other Drivers

Cars with installed hand controls are usable by anyone, even if they’re fully mobile. They will just need to learn and understand the car’s mechanisms to be able to operate it just like you do. Other drivers will need to be fully insured in the car alongside yourself in case of an accident.

Wheelchair Users In Cars

If you’re a permanent wheelchair user, then your hand-controlled car could also be modified to allow you to sit comfortably in the front seat. On some models, a lifting sling can be issued so you can slip easily into the front seat of your car. Swivel seats can also be installed so you can simply swing and face the correct direction once you’re sitting comfortably.

To find out how your car could be modified to help you get on the road, speak to a mobility car specialist like us at PB Conversions, who will discuss your needs and suggest the next best steps. To find out more, give us a call on 01525 850588 or head over to our contact page for more information. 

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