For people with disabilities, it can be tough to stay sociable and get on with everyday life due to struggles faced with travel.

Having an electric wheelchair can help to minimise these problems and make accessing services and staying active much easier.

Electric wheelchairs, unlike manual ones, allow the user to get around easily without using up too much energy or becoming tired and they open up more possibilities for a wider range of disabilities.

The Different Types Of Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs come in a range of different styles that can cater to different mobility needs.

Front wheel drive

The best option for city use as it’s built for climbing curbs and negotiating small obstacles.

Rear wheel drive

Is the most popular electric wheelchair as it offers greatest flexibility for indoor and outdoor use and is usually the fastest type of wheelchair.

Mid wheel drive

Effective for sharp turns and is typically used as more of an indoor model.

All terrain

Has four-wheel drive and heavy-duty tyres to help people with rough terrain. These are specifically for outdoor use.


For those who are paralysed from the waist down, this wheelchair offers more support and makes it easier for people to get in and out without needing to stand up.


These wheelchairs have manoeuvrable seats to help people sit down and stand up more easily.

Each type of wheelchair offers different benefits in order to increase the independence, comfort and mobility of people with specific disabilities.

Increased Mobility

An electric wheelchair can make it easier for people with disabilities to get around and carry out everyday activities, removing some of the difficulties that they’d experience with a manual wheelchair. For example, giving them the ability to make use of their hands while moving around. This makes activities such as shopping a lot easier.

Better Quality Of Life

An electric wheelchair increases a person’s mobility, meaning that they can continue with social activities and keep a closer connection to family and friends. A wheelchair for mobility allows for people to get out of the house, making them feel less lonely and isolated.


An electric wheelchair for mobility provides much more flexibility than a manual one as they’re operated using a gear stick. This leaves the user’s hands free and means that they don’t use so much energy moving around.

Electric wheelchairs are also designed with comfort in mind, coming with cushioned seating, sturdy back rests and arm rests so the user can sit back and relax while getting from A to B.

More Independence 

Mobility issues can be a struggle for people who like to feel independent. Without electric wheelchairs, a person with a disability may be required to rely heavily on other people to push them around or to complete lots of tasks that require travel.

Electric wheelchairs open up more possibilities for disabled individuals, giving them the ability to be more independent.

Invest In An Electric Wheelchair Today! 

Electric wheelchairs can change the life of someone with a disability. They provide more freedom and flexibility when it comes to travel and give the user the ability to be more independent. Contact us today to find out more.

If you’re interested in increasing your mobility or that of a loved one, consider investing in an electric wheelchair today!

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