When you first buy a car, it might be easy to think that you have to take it as it is. Certain pedals are on the right-hand side, your gear stick is in the centre, the list goes on. But did you know that you can customise your vehicle to adapt to your own changing needs? 


You can, for example, set up left foot accelerators to help make things easier on you while driving. Not all left-handed people are left-footed! However, there may be some circumstances where you find that driving with a right foot accelerator is a little bit of a strain.

What is a Left Foot Accelerator?

As the name suggests, a left foot car accelerator pedal is one which, instead of being fitted to the right, is fitted to the left. As you’ll likely know, it can sometimes be a bit of a strain to shift between pedals. Many people struggle with the accelerator being on the right-hand side. There are many reasons for this! However, it’s important to know that you can remedy the situation if you are finding right-footed pedals to be awkward or uncomfortable.

foot accelerators in a picture

Why Buy a Left Foot Driving Pedals?

A left foot accelerator pedal could change the way you manage your car. While driving, you should, of course, be as comfortable as possible. This often means doing more than just adjusting your seat and opening a few windows. People who struggle to reach the accelerator properly with their right foot can change the position they install it in.


This can be life-changing for many people! By default, vehicles will normally have right-footed pedals built into the main driving foot-well. It’s a standard that millions of people have had to get used to. However, for too many people, this standard is proving to be a bit of a burden. Therefore, it’s high time to take a look at changing your pedal position altogether.


Is Changing Pedal Positions Easy?

Yes! It’s much easier than you may imagine. Providing you work with an expert, changing and installing your accelerator position is a job that will likely take a matter of minutes. However, it is not advisable that you try to do the changeover on your own!


Left foot accelerators merely change where you push the pedal to the metal. They don’t change any of the internal wiring or mechanisms involved. In theory, it’s a simple process, but again, make sure you ask an expert to help you along the way.


Regain Driving Freedom

For many people, moving the position of the accelerator is crucial for driving freedom and comfort. Not all of us feel comfortable using our right foot! Therefore, it is well worth looking into the left foot accelerator pedal options open to you right now. Choose a pedal which is going to be comfortable for years of driving to come and take charge of your comfort on the road.


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