In this era of technology when everything is moving forward at a very fast pace, the disabled must get a chance to move forward in life too. Driving hand controls and driving attachments provide them with an opportunity to drive safely. 

Primary & Secondary

There are two kinds of hand controls, primary and secondary. Primary ones actually deliver the normal functioning of steering wheel and brakes. While the other hand assists the gear and the windshield wipers. Before setting up a car for a person with disabilities, it is very much necessary to know all the available options so that one can install the most suitable hand controls. Hand controls are made in a way that they respond to the arm and hand movement of the person. They are simple controls such as push, pull, twist, etc. 

Examine Yourself in The Driver Evaluation Programme

It is extremely important to know the limits before choosing the hand controls. Certain driver evaluation programs are already available and working. They provide in-depth details about the capabilities of the driver and refer to the driver’s hand controls they should be most suited to the persons needs.

Hand controls

Consult a Dealer

Hand controls can be easy to install in a car, depending on the type of hand control. During the first installation, you must consult a professional dealer. A dealer can get you the controls, which completely fits with your needs as well as your car. It will be easy for you to get the hand controls next time, as you will be aware of the size, their brand, and their specifications. However, when it comes to fitting the controls, it is always best to have a professional fit this for you to ensure the full working capability of the controls.

Common Hand Controls 

One of the most used hand controls is a pull and push level. It is usually operated by the right hand is used for the accelerator and the brakes respectively. They’re mechanically attached to the foot pedals and do the respective task. An alternative to this is a floor straddling push and pull the lever. The only difference is that this one is operated by the left hand of the driver. Some drivers are more comfortable in using their left hand for such controls.

Another alternative to these controls for brakes and accelerator is an electric trigger throttle. It is used with left-hand steering ball control. Some people can have poor grip. Their fingers cannot hold onto things or control anything. For such people, the radial push brake system was introduced. It is used with right-hand steering ball control. The pushdown system can do the acceleration while the push away system can power the brake system of the car. 

Furthermore, these driver hand controls for disabled people are also available for sports and luxury cars. Give us a call on 01525 850588 and we will be happy to answer any questions or queries. 

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