Choosing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) needs to be done with care. This is because you are going to make a decision that will heavily affect your future. To ensure safety and value for money, you need to find the right car mobility solution that works for you. The vehicle that you choose has to work for your short-term situation but also your long-term situation. There are several basic things that you will have to bear in mind during the buying process. These are some of the basics you need to consider.

1.   Identify your Mobility Needs

Before you go out to find a vehicle, it is important for you to define how you expect it to serve you. Its functionality is a good place to focus your attention. This is where you need to not only think of your current needs but also what the future ones. Think of things like:

•    Will the wheelchair user be the driver or will it be the caregiver?

•    How many people do you want to often carry?

•    Do you need a large power wheelchair or extra room for height/ weight?

•    Do you prefer a rear-entry or a side-entry vehicle?

•    Do you want a slide-out ramp or a fold-out ramp?

These details will make it easier for you to identify the functionality that you need in your WAV.

2.   Check out the Features that Suit you

Now that you have identified your needs, it is time for you to explore the vehicles that have these features. The best place to start is with the lift options and vehicle accessibility available on the vehicles you identify. You have to compare the ease of access as well as how different lift options function to find the right solution for you.

It is important to thoroughly examine each feature while prioritising what suits you the most. An in-floor is of high priority based on whether it is the caregiver or the person with disabilities to be driving. Do not forget to check the hand controls and how you are able to operate them with ease.

3.   Find a reliable WAV dealer

You need to find a reliable partner who will provide you with a quality Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle that is durable and safe. There are certain organisations such as PB Conversions that advocate for the quality and safety of disabled cars. Make sure you choose a dealer that is certified to make safe modifications of these vehicles.

4.   Find out what it takes to maintain the vehicle

Before you buy the vehicle, make sure you are aware of how much it will cost you in the long run. This can include things such as:

•    Insurance for the vehicle

•    Fuel

•    Cover for license, registration, and taxes

•    Pay interest and finance charges

•    Maintain and repair

These are the main points that will determine the real cost of your car.

Car Finances

5.   Compare the offer with your budget

With the above in mind, you will be able to evaluate whether your budget will enable you to afford it. There are various models out there that you can choose from. They have different features that may serve you just fine. Just be sure to follow the checklist carefully so that you don’t miss some important aspects that will fail you in the future.

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