You’ve recently decided that a mobility car would give you the freedom that you deserve, but you don’t know where to even begin. There are so many modifications, add-ons, and car adaptations available that it can be overwhelming. 

Finding out what will suit you and your needs can be challenging. There are lots of options available to you and the following steps will simplify the information to allow you to build your perfect mobility car.

Hand Controls

Pb Conversion Hand Controls

Accelerating and braking using standard vehicle pedals can be an uphill battle, which is where hand controls come in. This is an alternative method of regulating your speed without requiring the use of your legs. PB Conversions manufacture push pull hand controls that are sleek and designed for comfort and are tailor-fit to each vehicle. 

Hand controls operate by pulling the lever towards you to accelerate and pushing away from you to brake. They are easily adjusted, can be added to automatic vehicles, and if someone operating the vehicle does not need the hand control, they simply use the pedals as usual.

Some people struggle to drive with both hands and so with the addition of a steering ball aid for steering or an indicator toggle for easier signalling, driving can be easier again. If steering due to the weight of the car also becomes a problem, the steering can be lightened for you meaning it won’t be such a hassle to turn. There are many different types of aids to assist with this depending on what you find most comfortable and easy to use.

Left Foot Accelerators 

Twin Flip Left Foot Accelerator

For drivers who particularly struggle with accelerating, PB Conversions offer multiple mobility car services, including their twin flip left foot accelerator. This equips mobility cars with two accelerator pedals, either side of the brake pedal. 

The driver is then able to utilise whichever pedal is more convenient for them and the pedal not in use will rise out of the way. This adaptation also ensures that anyone wishing to drive the car as standard can do so. 

Access for Wheelchair Users

The drive from the wheelchair vehicles range from PB Conversions are completely custom-built for the user, giving freedom to wheelchair users while driving. The vehicles are built around the user, so they can choose to sit in the front with the driver or take control as the driver, depending on their preference. Powered wheelchairs are also an option and can be modified to suit different medical needs, including tilt and lift functions, electric footrests and adjustable backrests, headrests, and armrests.

With so many opportunities for car conversions, there is no reason why everyone can’t enjoy the independence they get from driving. Whatever your wants and needs, there are adaptations available for anyone and everyone, meaning there is always a way to have an accessible vehicle. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you get behind the wheel, get in touch today on 01525 850588 or head over to our contact page for more details. 


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