Driving a car of any shape or size can be a challenge. However, when you are unable to use all the features of your vehicle, it can be difficult to adapt to the standard interior of a car or van. 

Therefore, when looking for a disability aid to help you manage your car with single-handed support, there are few other resources worth considering beyond a flexible radio remote.

Radio remotes are great for giving you complete access to the finer controls in your car without you risking injury. Many people can drive single-handed, or with extensive support, thanks to radio remote control.

These add-ons work by attaching to your steering wheel and communicating with a control box within your car. Therefore, anything you would otherwise find impossible to manage or control, you can now easily handle with a remote communication device at your fingertips.


Who Can Benefit From a Radio Remote?

Radio remotes are ideal for drivers who would otherwise have difficulty managing to drive with two hands. Therefore, you do not have to be registered disabled to benefit from these devices. Radio remotes connect to the steering wheel. They do this using a ball or lollipop grip that enables you to control the steering of your vehicle. The radio remote works using a transmitter that sends a radio signal to a control box located within your car.

However, they are built for disabled use, which means that they’re always likely to support those who have limited hand function, or who might otherwise be physically unable to reach and change gears, for example.


radio controls


Further Benefits

A radio remote is likely to open things up hugely for drivers who are unable to manage the functions of their vehicle in quite the same way as some people might. Some drivers with disabilities may find that they depend on public transport as they are otherwise unable to control and manage their cars.

Therefore, it’s likely to open up a world of mobility for people who would otherwise struggle to achieve it. This is great news for anyone who might find that they are otherwise unable to get around, and what’s more, it is likely to give more people a greater sense of independence.

The fact is, driving a car is tricky enough! When you’re unable to drive a car with two hands, or if you find that there are controls to a car which are unlikely to be easy for you to reach and manage overtime, you’re likely to need to look for some leading aids and supports.

A radio remote is an option that might not be well-known to all, but to those who benefit from the system and service, they offer massive benefits. If you’re struggling to take control of your car for any physical reason, it may be time to start looking at options to help make your life that little bit easier.


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