Wheelchair Hoists Northamptonshire

PB Conversions are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of vehicle adaptations for those with disabilities, and our products range from steering aids, left foot accelerators and pedal and seat extensions to hand controls. One of our specialities is providing wheelchair hoists in Northamptonshire which are designed to make it much easier and more convenient for wheelchairs and scooters to be lifted into vehicles.

Our wheelchair hoists are available in a range of different types, including 2, 4 or 6 way powered. Your individual vehicle and the weight of your wheelchair or scooter will dictate which wheelchair hoist you need, and we will be happy to help you to pick the perfect product for your budget and requirements.

Wheelchair Vehicles Northamptonshire

We can produce bespoke wheelchair vehicles in Northamptonshire which will enable the wheelchair user to operate the vehicle with ease. These will be individually adapted to suit your needs, and can help to provide wheelchair users with greater independence. We can also complete “up-front” conversions which will enable you to sit in the front of the vehicle alongside the driver.

Hand Controls Northamptonshire

PB Conversions can also manufacture hand controls in Northamptonshire, all of which are provided with a three year warranty and servicing. The design of our hand controls mean that they are discreet and will not affect the look of your car, and if someone else wants to drive, they can use the pedals as usual.

For more information about any of the wheelchair vehicles and mobility products available from PB Conversions, call us today on 01525 850588 or complete our online enquiry form.

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