Why Choose Vehicle Adaptations?

Vehicle adaptation refers to a device that is fitted to your vehicle to provide a solution for your mobility problems while travelling. There are a lot of people with various special needs when it comes to the use of vehicles. Vehicle adaptations are meant to raise the quality of the ride in the car for drivers and passengers alike. Because our needs are quite varied, the vehicle companies have come up with quite a number of such adaptations to accommodate every individual. Each will depend on every individual’s special needs. The following are the most common vehicle adaptation options available.

1. Hand Control Adaptations

For controlling the speed of your car, there are a number of options to manually install a device that works with a push/pull mechanism. It is often placed close to the steering wheel. Conversely, if you prefer an easier experience, you have the option of light touch accelerators that are electronic. They are, by far, much easier to use than the push and pull devices as they require less effort.

Hand controls

2. Left foot Accelerator

The standard accelerator is installed on the right side of a vehicle so that it is used by the right leg. However, due to some mobility problems, it may not be possible to use your right leg. In such a case, a left foot accelerator device is installed in your car. Hence, you can control the speed of your vehicle with the device. Still, the option of the right-leg accelerator is made available so that if you need someone else to drive, they are able to.

3. Steering Aid

If the hand controls are combined with a steering ball, you will be able to operate those controls with one hand and steer the vehicle with the other one. Controlling windscreen wipers, indicators, headlights, and other things can be done by the use of a remote control device if you can’t reach them easily.

4. General Purpose Aids

An indicator switch can be added to the hand controls. At the same time, you can have a handbrake that is easy to control. Some extensions can also be used to bring the foot pedals closer for easy driving.

5. Wheelchair & individual Hoists

This is a hoist that helps in lifting an individual into the vehicle safely. While you are seated, you have the sling right under you. In this way, getting out of the vehicle at the end of the journey won’t be difficult at all. The sling of the hoist is not permanent and can be removed and stowed into your boot. However, the frame is permanent. What’s more; the device is operated by the use of a button.

6. Car Boot Hoist

A car hoist can either be 2-way or 4-way, depending on the weight and size of your scooter or wheelchair. It is detrimental that you choose the right boot hoist for your vehicle for it to work properly.

7. Mirrors and Cameras

If you have trunk or neck mobility, extra mirrors can be added on or in the car. Some mirrors include exterior blind spot mirrors and interior panoramic mirrors. They are useful for safe observation. A camera device could also be fitted in your car to aid in reversing.


A vehicle adaptation can be very useful for those with specialized needs in order to improve the quality of rides in the vehicle. They also reduce accidents considerably. These devices are not limited to the list above. There others that meet certain unique needs and maybe numerous in number.

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