The Motability Scheme is designed to provide people with disabilities the freedom and independence to travel easily and affordably. It is a worry-free lease, which includes a new car, insurance, servicing, maintenance and breakdown cover, all in one package. 

In this blog, we’re going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the scheme to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Is The Motability Scheme Right For You?

1. How Does The Motability Scheme Work?

The Motability Scheme is a leasing agreement that allows people with disabilities to use their mobility allowance to lease a car. It provides an affordable and easy way to get a new car with all the necessary features, including adaptations if needed. To join the scheme, you must first check your eligibility by contacting the Department for Work and Pensions or the Veterans UK. A credit check is not required.

2. Can I Get A Car On The Scheme If I Don’t Drive?

Yes, you can. The scheme usually allows up to three named drivers, meaning family members, friends or carers can drive the car. This feature is especially beneficial to individuals with disabilities who cannot drive themselves. It provides them with the convenience of having a car at their disposal without having to worry about driving it.

3. Am I Eligible For The Scheme?

To be eligible for the Motability Scheme, you must receive one of the following mobility allowances:

  • Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMC DLA)
  • Enhanced Rate Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (ERMC PIP)
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)

If you are unsure if you are eligible, contact the Department for Work and Pensions or Veterans UK.

4. What If I Need Adaptations?

The Motability Scheme offers a range of adaptations to make driving easier and more comfortable. These adaptations can be provided at no extra cost or at a reduced cost, depending on the type of adaptation. Free adaptations include hand controls, steering aids and pedal modifications. Other adaptations, such as wheelchair hoists, may require an additional payment. 

Speak to a Motability Scheme specialist for expert advice on the adaptations that would best suit your needs.

5. What Cars Are Under The Scheme?

The Motability Scheme offers a range of cars, including the latest models from major car manufacturers. Electric cars are also available, although there are some things to consider before choosing an electric car. For example, you may need to install a charging point at your home, and some electric cars may not be suitable for longer journeys. 

Before choosing a car, speak to a Motability Scheme specialist for expert advice on the car that would best suit your needs. You may also be able to trade in your old car for a new one, depending on its condition.

6. How Does Payment Work?

The payment for the Motability Scheme comes from your mobility allowance. You can choose to use all or part of your allowance to pay for the lease of your car. If you choose to use part of your allowance, the remaining amount will be paid directly to you. The payment covers the cost of the car, insurance, servicing, maintenance and breakdown cover.

7. What Happens After My Lease Ends?

At the end of your lease, you can either return the car and start a new lease, or you can keep the car by paying a final payment. The final payment is known as the Good Condition Payment and is a reward for returning the car in good condition. If there is any damage to the car, you may need to pay.

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