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How To Choose The Right Wheelchair For You

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Mobility devices like a wheelchair are extremely important to people with disability or mobility issues. A good wheelchair offers optimal pressure relief and comfort. If you’re planning to buy one, you should consider the following:

Those factors will help you pinpoint the type of wheelchair and accessories suitable for your needs and preferences.


Wheelchair Accessories

These tools will let you use your chair and move around with ease. More importantly, they are designed for your safety. For example, installing ramps will help you make your way in and out of your home better. Tip: For ramps, look for models that have a textured or rubberized surface to prevent slides and slips. Portable ramps are also available.

Other wheelchair accessories you can buy are:

Types of Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchair

Which Model is Right for Your Case?

Seek the help and advice of a professional such as your therapist or doctor before buying a wheelchair. You can also consult a seating expert, who will carry out a comprehensive evaluation in order to recommend the best one for you or customize the wheelchair to make it more suitable for your needs.

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